Kumkum Bhagya 17 September 2020 Written Update

In the upcoming episode of Kumkum Kumkum Bhagya, you will be shown that Ranveer ruins everything in Mandak. This is how Ranveer watches the family fight. Mrs Chaubey starts worrying for Maya. Alia praises Riya, she gets a call from the police station and asks him to meet her. In the same way, Alia tells Riya to get ready and asks to meet Guon who just got a call from the police station.

You will see that Ayan hides Maya before saying that he is crying. Aaliya starts wondering why I think I am listening to Ayan’s voice. You will see that Dushyant fires with a gun and says what happened. Krum says that everything has been ruined in their fight. Dushyant says that in comparison to ending the marriage, we can fight each other and he asks them to wear bangles.

The pundit says that the pavilion was ruined, that is why it is not good until we clean the pavilion properly. Dushyant asks the bride and groom to go to their place and Ranvir Charge to do all the process at Mandakki as before. Similarly, Aaliya meets her men and asks them to finish their work. Dushyant sees Aaliya, and what happens to help her with underwear and family to build a pavilion.

Alia, considering her previous warning, thinks to decorate the pavilion to stay away from Priya and goes to process the manda. Mr. Choubey thinks that something is going wrong. Shahana asks Sarita why she wants to marry Maya. Sarita says that it is not Maya, it is Prachi.

Next you will see that Mrs. Chaubey takes Prachi as Maya and takes her to her room. And tells them that I do not know that my son likes you so much.

You will see that Alia gives Riya the same dress with which she thanks Riyal. Says that after the wedding party save these thanks and to be ready. Riya thinks happy that Ranveer has written in her fate

When Mrs Chaubey is passing through Maya’s room, she sees Aryan in her room and starts asking him what he is doing here. Ayaan thinks that he said that this is the bride. Mrs Chaubey says that it will happen in marriage. He asks them whether the marriage is complete or not. Mrs Chaubey says that there was a Mahabharata in the marriage, so Prachi is sent to her. Prachi starts thinking that Ayan comes from the washroom and goes to check if he hides well, or so the episode ends. it happens.