Kumkum bhagya 17 October 2020 Written Update

Prachi on the other hand is happy after spending time with Ranveer. Ranveer goes to her room, and what happens to heal her wounds. Ranveer sees that car in Prachi’s hand and asks him what is it he has done with this car. Prachi goes to Sharma saying that when I feel ashamed she looks very good.

Kumkum bhagya 19 October 2020 Written Updates

Today you will see that underwear will tell Prachi that you are hiding something from me because I can read your feelings. Similarly, Prachi gives Ranveer an ointment. Ranveer considers his people to speak his heart. And he comes to put his hand on his chest and Prachi feels that his heart is beating. Taken behind it, seeing them both, she gets shocked and sheds tears. Similarly, Ranveer tells her that you can get it or not my heart. Prachi Sharma goes and leaves from there.