After that we see that Pallavi asks Biji whether she has taken her medicine even though the thing is that I have taken the medicine and swears on it. Watching the film, she says that whenever she is in Naa she falls ill. So she also says for a moment that I know that you are completely tired because of Ranveer because she said that It will marry Prachi.

Still, Jee says that she is under stress because of her, because she insisted on her engagement on the day of Dussehra. She says that I also know that you did not like that Prachi got scolded. Moments after that. Jai also says that you were absolutely right but neither she got engaged nor did she get that ring and I put it somewhere and then I have forgotten.

After that we see that Sarita sister comes there and caresses She goes to see. Then I ask if Pragya is there. Korba coming from the other side asks where is Prachi? Sarita said that Prachi and Ranveer can be together. And Prachi on the other hand is more than Ranbir that she cannot wear the ring for a long time. If someone looks at my ring then what will I tell her?

Karanvir tells her that we will not live it long and will tell everyone. That you are my choice I have to watch the film that I kiss her hands. And she closes her eyes too. Then Ranbir also comes to her but Riya comes there and Ranbir also suspects Prachi after that Riya’s call comes and she leaves Prachi Ranveer Jai asks if he is getting sticky,

Ranbir goes and says that he does not want anyone to see them together and they also get a girl and everything goes wrong instead of getting it right. Then he says that my The family is not like you now but I promise that my family will love you just as I have come to love you. So asks Pawan Singh what are you doing for me like this, then Ranbir says I want you I love and this love is very full. After that she tells the criminals why do you love me so much so Ranbir says that I will tell you this in front of everyone today. Today we see that Grandma tells them that she Is fit and perfectly fine and also shows the ring for Pragya.

Then we see that he still asks if he remembers and tells that it is Dallu’s Githi. And he wants to give this ring to Pragya but he has forgotten it at my house. Then she says that the time has changed but the booty has got from my grandmother’s love. Then she tells grandma that you And your love is with us, what else do we need, then Riya comes there too.