Kumkum Bhagya 17 February 2021 Full Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Scene starts with Karan advises Preeta to zero in on applying haldi on his injuries and they can talk genuine matter later and says he has wounds on his shoulder as well. Furthermore, she applies haldi on his injuries and they gazes each othe. He holds her cheek and says he truly missed her a great deal and attempts to kiss her. She feels timid so attempted to get up from bed however he didn’t let her and they wished a cheerful Valentine’s day to one another then he kissed on her temple.

Rakhi’s call upsets them and Preeta advises him to go to the call. He asks does she need him to leave from that point. She says he needs to leave since it’s her room and her bed. He says even she consumed his room and his bed why wouldn’t he be able to rest here today. She asks is he truly going to remain here around evening time.


Rakhi gives red rose to Mahesh and admits her sentiments to him saying she adores him so much and cries. She says he ought not misjudged that she is crying since he didn’t wish her and says Preeta went out and from that second Karan quit grinning and consistently remains desolate and never shares his sentiments to anybody. She says in the event that Mahesh was fine, at that point Karan would have shared his sentiments to him and she isn’t understanding that how to help their child. She says she is missing him so much and advises him to awaken from unconsciousness. Sameer hears everything and leaves from that point.


Sameer video calls Sristy. Sristy accepts he will propose her and doesn’t pick the call and messages him inquiring as to why he called her. He says she become distraught. Out of frustration she calls him and reproves him and inquires as to why he called her. He says he is irate on her since she didn’t assisted him with rejoining Karan and Preeta and Rakhi is additionally vexed for Karan. She reveals to him everything and he gets glad hearing her and says he going to advise everything to Rakhi. She stops him saying Karan more likely than not arranged something so let him handle the matter in his manner.

Karan plays with Preeta. She advises him to leave however he declined her adage he can’t remain in his room without her. She gets enthusiastic hearing him and cries, he wipes her tears and embraces her ( Sajdaa tune plays out of sight). Sristy thumps the entryway so Karan stows away there. Preeta opens the entryway and asks what is she doing here. Sristy says she can’t sleepcomfortably in couch so she came here to rest. Preeta sends her out saying she previously revealed to her that she needs to rest alone today. Sristy says she will take her pad atleast and sees Karan behind the bed.


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