The episode begins with Riya who is crying and is immersed in the thought that her mother has left her with her will and no one forced her. Pragya comes to the door and knocks the door and asks them to open the door. On the other hand, they call the manager. Abhi says that you are explaining or provoking her. Alia says that she has done absolutely right. She will know everything when the time comes.

Next you will see that Riya calls now but she does not pick up her call and goes out without picking up the phone. In the same way, Riya tells Pragya that whatever the reason is but if a mother leaves her child, then she is not fit to be called a mother. She becomes a selfish woman. Pragya says I love you to all her family. Riya tells him that this kind of conversation does not look good with your mouth because remember her name, daughter has been left and says that you are not a great one. You are a joke in the name of mother. Pragya is shocked to hear this and remembers her past and starts thinking how Riya comes to know that I have given up my second child.

Next you will see that right now comes to Aaliya and starts saying why is it bad. And what brother wanted, now that Aria will believe all these things and her hatred will increase with her. Alia says that Riya feels that Pragya is in love with her second daughter and has left her thinking that she is unfortunate for him. Abhi says that you know the truth. Aaliya tells Abhi that I know everything really but Diya was asking her why her mother is not coming to meet her.

We now tell us that we have changed the address and later Pragya agrees to meet him but she is told that Aria is very hated by her, so she cannot meet him. Alia says that Pragya has not tried to meet her properly, so you know how much Aria loves Ranveer and you promised to have a conversation with Vikram, but you are unable to do anything for her. And he feels that he does not care about me. Abhi gets sad for this and starts calling Vikram to come back and calls Abhi at his place. Similarly still goes to meet Vikram.

Tanvir’s hand burns when tea is being made. Prachi scolds her and gets angry at her. Prachi and Lai spend lovely moments together. Ranveer feels good that the branch is taking care of it and he tries to touch the hot object again but Prachi puts her condition in cold water and asks him to take care of her hand and she says Not to tell that moment to aunt. Ranveer loves Prachi and the two get lost in each other, Sahana sees them and starts smiling.

Sahana runs Sahana and Sarita and Prachi Ranveer gives them tea. Hari is crying in her car and tries to remind Alia how Pragya gave Prachi her love to Ranveer. Pragya comes out of the car and starts to question Riya that if she tells him that if she knows anything about her second daughter, she should tell him. Riya thinks that I should forget everything like I had forgotten you like I had forgotten my car. Pragya starts running behind her car and falls down. Hari becomes depressed for this and looks at it with a glass.

Prachi on the other hand is happy after spending time with Ranveer. Ranveer goes to her room, and what happens to heal her wounds. Ranveer sees that car in Prachi’s hand and asks him what is it he has done with this car. Prachi goes to Sharma saying that when I feel ashamed she looks very good.

Today you will see that underwear will tell Prachi that you are hiding something from me because I can read your feelings. Similarly, Prachi gives Ranveer an ointment. Ranveer considers his people to speak his heart. And he comes to put his hand on his chest and Prachi feels that his heart is beating. Taken behind it, seeing them both, she gets shocked and sheds tears. Similarly, Ranveer tells her that you can get it or not my heart. Prachi Sharma goes and leaves from there.