The Episode begins with Aaliya telling everybody that they will have food. Vikram feels terrible pondering Abhi and asks Aaliya for what valid reason she don’t carry on pleasantly with Abhi, as he is her sibling. He reviews Abhi telling that Aaliya is khadoos and Raj calling him frantic.

He inquires as to for what reason did you alarm him with the stick and had beaten him. He requests that she act well like Gayatri. Aaliya says he will not meddle as they will be relative, says he comes in charge like this as it were. She reveals to Rhea that she needs to converse with her. Raj requests that Mitali give the record. Mitali chastens the Servants. Pallavi asks Dadi, for what reason would she say she is grinning? Dadi says she is cheerful and realizes that holy messenger has come here, presently Abhi is in safe hands.

Everybody looks on. Vikram gets a customer’s call and he tells that he is coming for the meeting.Dadi and Vikram come there. Abhi gets frightened and takes the stick in his grasp. Pragya asks him not to be terrified and requests that he meet his companions. He says they are not awful and won’t hurt him. Abhi takes cover behind Pragya. Pragya requests that he warmly greet Vikram. Abhi reluctantly shakes hand with Vikram. Vikram gets passionate and cries. He goes out. Abhi converses with Dadi and says her hair are decent. Pragya says she is your Dadi and loves her definitely. Abhi says he tracks down her recognizable. He plays with Dadi.

Ranbir is in his office and thinks Chief was not causing situation when he was with Gayatri. He saw her wristband and stresses his brain. He reviews Pragya serving them food in their home and taking care of something to Shahana. He understands Gayatri is Pragya, Chief’s life accomplice. He figures they may have same arm band and thinks to see whether Gayatri is Pragya, Prachi’s mom. Vikram comes there and gets some information about arm band? Ranbir figures he will not tell father, else he will tell mother and she will tell Aaliya. He says he has requested arm band online like boss has. He is sorry to him for his conduct with Pallavi. Vikram requests that he quiet his indignation and so forth Ranbir figures Pragya would have been your bahu, in the event that I had thought.Shahana requests that Prachi tell Maasi, whatever occurred? Shahana says in the event that it isn’t the family matter, which you had done alongside Ranbir.