kumkum Bhagya 16 september 2020 Written Update

In the episode you will be shown that Vikram and BG get to know about Sahana’s real face, as if she had planned to break up the wedding. Pallavi and Vikram salute the plan. Shahana asks BG and Pallavi to find Prachi and Aryan late in marriage as she asks him to fight. Everyone agrees to this and all of them reach me on Monday

Similarly, you will see Prachi doing rituals with Ranveer, Dushyant says, the girl next to Tanveer cannot be ours. Similarly, he asks them to stand. Pandit tells them that it is very sad to do it, but Dushyant picks up the gun, similarly you will see that Sarita sees Iron in the bride’s room and asks him what he is doing in this room, he says that I I am guarding Maya in this room and Prachi is getting married to Ranveer. Sarita starts asking where Maya is and shows her to Maya.

You will see that Prachi Ner is holding Ner’s hand. Dushyant says why you could not understand even after my death. Ranbir says that you talk with me, everything is happening because of me. Vikram asks him why are you running honey on my son. Ranveer says that this is not Maya. Dushyant considers Prachi as Maya and says that I told you to wear your mother’s bangle but why didn’t you do it.

Ranbir says that I go and bring the bangle, Dushyant says that I will go and ask my brother to handle everything in the mandap. You will see that Prachi feels that we hope that he will not be able to see Maya.

Ranveer says that I am thinking like me too, Ranbir says to see Maya already, but Maya is not scared and I think you are written in my destiny. Nobody can change this. You will see that when the moment comes to Birami there and tells them that some plan is made to cancel this marriage. Arnav says no to them. Sarita says that I am still alive but if she comes to know, her big dad will kill them. You will see that Ranveer sends a message to IM that Dad is coming to Maya’s room to pick up the bangle. Sarita sees the bangle in Maya’s hand. Dushyant asks her to come quickly on the phone. Similarly you will see that she learns it. Go. Dushyant is the explorer of bangles and takes the bangle from Sarita, Dushyant looks at Sarita.

Dushyant sees them in that room, so I ask them what are you doing here, the government tells me that I too was searching for a bangle. He leaves from there, he says that if the marriage is delayed, the Pandits will not consider it good. Mrs Chaubey says that marriage cannot happen until bangles are found

Do you say that this is the time to compare Pallavi with Sarita to fight her wife? Why does Samana say that she is doing this for her grandmother in marriage? You will see that Sarita goes to the busy moment and tells them that please do not fight each other.

You will see that Sahana tries a lot to stop Sarata, DJ asks Vikram to divorce Palbi, Sarita tries very hard to stop him, her marriage with Prachi stops and Naveen says that busy moment Even during his oral girl things start breaking in the pavilion. The episode ends.

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