At half we will see how Aaliya feels sad that Riya has stopped listening to him at all. And from there the other side are preparing a plan to stop her niece, then Alia feels powerless and Riya becomes desperate to stop them. After that we see further how Riya moves towards where she is going to meet Pragya. I tell Pragya to talk to Sarita about how she has considered Ranbir to be a perfect match for Prachi.

She is standing there listening to them and they are saying how she had said yes soon but she could not excite him at all. Then it makes Riya very sad as she tells Alia how Pragya has decided to ruin her life by taking Ranbir away from her.

We see that Prachi and Ranveer are left by Savita and Shahana in the house. They are then asked to make tea and Sarita asks Shahana to give them some space and time but Sahana keeps doing what they do and Preeta locks her in a room. There, the second Horiya reaches some place where she can be alone but Pragya then leaves her and tells her to stay there. Then we see that Riya goes to the same store and starts calling now and is thinking of recording a new song in her studio and is trying to create a new dust. He can’t pick up her phone. and then….