Kumkum Bhagya 15 April 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Abhi says I will converse with Juneja and tells that he is glad, as his better half is back. He requests that he show some tashan and afterward requests that he show mentality in limits. Vikram grins. Abhi comes to Pragya. Dadi requests that Mitali accompany her. Pragya requests that Abhi guarantee her that they will remain all together. Abhi says I need to go to office for at some point and says matter is enormous, I need to conceal for Ranbir’s mix-up. He says Ranbir and Rhea had some issue and the previous was boxing throughout the evening, and couldn’t accomplish the work. He says even he used to do boxing when she was from him. Pragya requests that he return soon. Abhi says I will come soon as she returned after quite a while. He goes. Dadi and Mitali return to Pragya. Dadi says we will make Pragya light the diya in the sanctuary. Prachi requests that Ranbir have coffee.Ranbir won’t have espresso and requests that she go. He turns and the espresso falls on his suit. Prachi says sorry and wipes the espresso stain from his suit. Jaanisar tune plays… .He says you are acceptable, really you are excessively acceptable, I don’t comprehend that you would prefer not to be with me and not let me disappear from you. He asks what do you need? Prachi says I was cleaning the espresso. Ranbir says I don’t care for your phony concern. Prachi asks how did I respond? Ranbir says didn’t you know and says he can’t focus on work and is enduring misfortunes in light of her. He requests that she avoid him and goes. Prachi picks the fallen espresso mug. Rhea comes there. Prachi says I was going to go. Rhea says you look great while doing this. Ranbir figures Prachi will avoid him.Rhea advises that mother is moving to our home. She says I realize that you will return home with her, and says assuming she feels disregarded, will gripe to Abhi. She tells that Dad will show her out at that point? Prachi asks her not. Rhea reminds her not to do botch. Prachi says I remembered our arrangement. Ranbir comes and asks what bargain?

Pragya does aarti. Abhi comes there and confronts that he was unable to go due directly. Dadi says I know well, you may have halted due to pragya. Abhi says I returned as I suspected mobs are going on. Pragya requests that he stay back and advises that he will put on something else. He requests that Pragya select garments for him. Pragya says she is coming. Dadi discloses to Pragya that Abhi is cheerful, I am apprehensive… if my sight falls on him. Pragya says nothing will occur. All at once Tanu comes there and asks Pragya what did she believe that she can grab her home from her. Pragya says he has tossed you out from here ordinarily and requests that she leave before Abhi returns. Tanu requests that she call Abhi.


Pragya says he would prefer not to see you, a few seconds ago I did aarti and tells that she will do it again after she tosses her out. Tanu says she has called Police. Pragya says I have taken Police and NGO help as I am his better half. She asks with which right, you are here and takes steps to get her captured for Kiara’s demise. Abhi comes first floor and asks Tanu for what reason did she come? Tanu says equity. She says on the off chance that you believe that I came to get my privileges or to remain here, at that point you are incorrect. Pragya says I am not thinking about this. Tanu says you have done one slip-up and calls Inspector. She requests that Inspector capture Abhishek Prem Mehra. Pragya asks how did he respond? Tanu requests that she ask Abhi and says he remembers everything. Pragya asks what did he do..Tanu says he assaulted me. Pragya is stunned.


Ranbir gets some information about their arrangement. He says actually like I think about your condition with her, you individuals can’t bargain. Rhea says Prachi is moving to our home, so I was cautioning her not to meddle in my room or life. She says it resembles guarantees. Ranbir says Prachi likes to break the guarantee or arrangement. Rhea says do you feel that I will let her break the arrangement and says it very well may be hazardous for her. Prachi goes.

Rhea requests that he come out with her. Ranbir says he has a lot of work and all the evening, he needs to work. Rhea says we will design some other day. She goes. Ranbir discovers the anklet of Prachi and picks it. Jaanisar tune plays… ..Pragya discloses to Inspector that Tanu is lying and taking out dissatisfaction as she is kicked out. Tanu says she has confirmations and tells that she was called here with deference, yet she was assaulted one day preceding their wedding.


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  1. tanu why you talk like that to abhi.
    inceperter please you don’t arrest to abhi he didn’t do anything for you inceperter please try to understand that what I am saying for you inceperter for god promise.
    pragya she will gets upest for you tanu otherwise pragya she will hold tanu hand throw form the Mehra ‘ house directly now see what I will do now.
    vikram you don’t make upest please do some office work be busy now days please be cool down 😇.
    pranchi she do work properly and you ranbir you don’t stand there you can go do some work you don’t disturb for pranchi and one request for ranbir please you are boss in the office be busy now days you can do it okay.


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