Kumkum bhagya 14 September 2020 Written Update

Kumkum bhagya 14 September 2020 Written Update:- In Kumkum Bhagya you will be shown that Maya gives her clothes seekers to save Aryan, and she also prays before God. Pallavi, BG, Vikram are talking about canceling the marriage, but they see Mrs Chaubey and change their mind.

Prachi Prachi gets very depressed and asks Ranbir what the joke really is. Ranbir asks Prachi that you are happy Prachi says that I have no answer how tired this time Maya was seeing her going to the pavilion and Sarita planned to change things of Havan so that Sahana could be seen as Ranveer. I could not go through the pavilion and everything was going according to our plan but Ranbir did everything wrong

Ajmer starts saying that I know I have made a mistake, but if I had not done this, it would have gone terribly wrong. Maya would have been the place of Prachi next to you, and it reminded her how Maya shouted seeing Prachi. In the same way, Agniveer will see Maya to call his elder father, I try hard but Ranchi takes the phone from him and starts saying that Rahul will pour everything to him, Ranbir says that Prachi starts to feel when he has the courage Is that he revealed about himself that he does not agree to this.

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You will see that Pandit starts his process and asks the bride and groom to lay hands on each other. Likewise, Pranchi starts thinking how he promised that he will not marry without his Maya’s blessings but now he feels Is that they will feel very bad.

Pandits get entangled that this is Maya when Prachi. And he asks them to forward their hands. Riya says that Sarita aunty was saying absolutely right and Kumkum Bhagya should be written in our destiny. Alia says that in whose fate everything is written, Riya says that it is written in the fate of your brother’s daughter.

In the same way, Panchi feels that I am breaking her promise to save her family. Similarly, Prachi puts Ranvir’s hand on her hand. Prachi Ranveer’s influence is a big shock. Kala goes and she says that I have got it tomorrow and no one can snatch her Ranveer from you.

Prachi tells how Maya used to say that I do not love her. Prachi says that about your marriage, Ranveer is aware of his plan to divorce Ranveer tells her that the plan has changed Prachi fights with them Maya also smiles and says that you guys like children Why are you fighting? Why can’t you scare me because you can’t find Rahul?

Maya starts apologizing to Prachi and does not inform the family saying that she is going with Rahul, if such a big father comes to know then he will shoot me.

Ranbir says that I never thought that my friend would be married like this. Prachi says that I want to marry Ranbir but not like this.

Similarly when Riya goes out, Riya too goes after him and starts asking him what has happened. Ajmer starts to think that Maya is out but she changes the dress and reminds that to finish the petition, Maya said that she is trying to send Prachi through the room window.

She cries for this, Maya gets hurt with her wardrobe. Mrs. Chaubey stands at the door and asks Maya to come out. Similarly Prachi and Ranveer are inside and they get scared thinking that they will kill us. She does not come in but I tell them to come soon. She makes Maya happy, but later Mrs. Chaubey starts asking about Maya, similarly Ranbir is shocked to hear this.
This is how the episode ends.