In the beginning of today’s episode, we see that Ranbir told Prachi that she is his world and she can accept him. And then Pragya thinks of informing Prachi before going to meet Riya. Sarita then asks if he used her. And then we see that Shah Na says that Pragya saw Brazil going into the room but she did not even know. After that Pragya reaches Prachi’s room and keeps looking at the decoration and Ranveer. And both Ranbir and Prachi get tense, then Pragya says that I have liked your choice very much.

Then everyone feels happy. After this, the elder starts speaking something but both Pragya and Sarita leave his room. After that we see Aryan waiting for Kabir’s call too late and eagerly. But we see that Aryan did not even call Ranbir and asked what happened. And he also asks whether he has made a proposal to Prachi or not and what is the answer. That Ranbir says that he proposes to Prachi. Aryan then asks him if he has accepted his proposal or not.

Ranbir says yes and at the same time his mother comes there and Aryan says that my hardwork has failed. Then Ranbir says that you mention the favorite brand because he has accepted my love. Aryan feels very happy and shouts at him. Then Ranbir keeps that Aryan sees Aaliya and says hi mother . Aaliya stops thanking Arya for this information, it is very important for Riya.


You will see further that Jariya will say that I told her that I do not like when Ranveer was taking a stand for Prachi. You didn’t have any question at that time. Because my love is waiting for me. Alia says that you told Pragya that she likes Ranveer. Riya tells him that yes this afternoon I cannot stop to meet my mom. Arya says that she is not your wax, similarly she is just acting and no complaint has been made against you because I love you and Pragya Kendra Ranchi.

Next you will see that Riya will say that you are lying. Alia tells him that Pragya loves Purana thing so she has left you with us and now she is accepting your love and giving Ranvir to Prachi. Hari goes to Chowk. My mother cannot do this. You are absolutely lying. Alia says why did she do this. Priya tells him that my mother loves me very much and she never thought of hurting me.

There Alia calls Ayan and asks him to come to the room in that area. Kiran comes to her room and Alia asks Ayaan to tell Riya everything. Ayan starts understanding Hari better and says that he has accepted Prachi and Ranveer’s love. Aaliya sends her out only then Riya goes to the Chowk.

She tells him about leaving but Sarta walks to find Ranveer to be there and tells Sahana to take him with her to clean the room. Similarly, Pragya escapes to Riya Sen. In order to provoke Riya against Alia Pragya, Pragya already gave you 20 years ago and talks about Pragya. Hariya says stop it, you have already separated from the motor due to these things.

Aaliya says that Pragya is separating me from my father and the crowd, they say if she loves you then she will find you because Abhi is very easy to find, but still she does not need you Why haven’t you come back to the house because Ranchi loves Ranchi a lot. The experiment says that no one can stop to meet my mother. Similarly, Alia grabs her hand and Riya says that you can’t stop me. Read More….