Prachi says it’s not kidding point so don’t make it joke, they says fine and Pragya discloses to them how she persuaded Baljeet to cause Tanu to concur for marriage. Rhea says Tanu may question Baljeet dadi on account of Dad’s last day conduct. Abhi asks how he knows. Rhea and Prachi says even we don’t realize else we may halted you. Abhi feels cheerful seeing they are supporting one another.

Rhea asks what they need to do if Baljeet Dadi acting neglects to persuade Tanu. Prachi says Tanu realizes that Baljeet Dadi don’t care for her. Pragya says Dadi can do anything for Abhi so she will persuade Tanu. Otherside Baljeet requests that Tanu take again bangle. Tanu will have a hard time believing Baljeet words and discloses to her I realize you love Pragya and this is your arrangement to trap me and how you felt that I will accept your arrangement subsequent to confronting affront from Abhi? So leave from my place. Baljeet blows up and uncovers that she came here to trap her in Pragya plan and discloses to her that she needs to make her wear cuffs not Shagun Ka bangle. Tanu looks on.

Prachi and Rhea, Pragya and Abhi trusts that call will know the advancement. Abhi says Dadi may uncover plan since she can’t deal with it and thinks to went to Tanu place. Pragya stops him and says Dadi can oversee. Mitali sees them and thinks something is occurring and she goes to carry Aliya to understand what’s going on. Pragya going to call Baljeet yet they stops her and requests that she sit tight for at some point. Read more….