Scene starts with Param was playing computer game in his tablet stowing away under the cover. Meher discovers him in the act. He gets apprehensive seeing her there. Gulwant asks Ginni, Bitto about supper. Ginni says Amrita makes supper consistently so it’s not prepared at this point.

Yuvi says Jagga went to jalandhar for meeting and his mom will arrive at home in 30minutes. Gulwant says she has three little girl parents in law still she needs to remain hungry and reprimands at his children who was chuckling at her. Meher admonishes Param and locks the tablet. Gulwant admonishes Ginni for making horrendous food and says without Amrita they wouldn’t one be able to thing appropriately in this house.

Ginni goes to call and became more acquainted with that somebody seized Amrita. Gulwant blows up hearing that and asks who has the guts to seize her girl in law. Ruffian requests that Gulwant carry cash to get Amrita. Yuvi cries hearing that. Gulwant educates them to advise Meher concerning grab. Jeeto calls Meher and advises her that somebody seized Amrita so Meher goes out swiftly.

Harleen reassures the crying Param. Param cries saying Meher will chide him. She says Meher won’t chasten him. He says Meher bolted his tablet. She gives Khushi’s iPad to him to play and educates him to not concern regarding Meher. Meher arrives at Gulwant’s home. Gulwant was taking cash to safeguard Amrita. Meher says she will go to save Amrita and they battles about that issue. Meher comes out wearing Gulwant’s dress with cash sack. Others gets stuns seeing Meher in Gulwant’s dress. Yuvi says he will likewise go with Meher.

Meher advises him to confide in her and says she will bring Amrita securely and tells Ginni, Jeeto to deal with Yuvi at that point goes out. They goes inside the room hearing commotion and stuns seeing tied up Gulwant. Jeeto says they can’t unfasten her until Meher returns. Ranna, Bitto are the ones who grabbed Amrita and reviews how Gulwant advised them to hijack Amrita when she emerges from transport office. They delayed first however Gulwant persuaded them to grab Amrita. Meher comes there with cash. Ranna, Bitto escapes from that point understanding that Gulwant didn’t came to bring Amrita.

Meher wakes Amrita and asks does she recollect that anything. Amrita says she doesn’t recall that anything and don’t have the foggiest idea who grabbed her. Sarab hears Meher’s voice message about Amrita’s seizing and calls Meher. Meher converses with him in Gulwant’s voice and says she tied Meher in light of the fact that she needed to safeguard Amrita.