kumkum bhagya 13 October October 2020 Written Updates

The episode takes place from the honeymoon and asks them what has happened. Now he says that he has found a grandmother who cares for him. Raj says that it is good that your grandmother has been found. Abhi says that he is missing Pragya a lot. The king is still justified how Pragya’s daughter’s poetry was done with her lover. Now ask him what has happened, Raj does not tell anything, but he goes away and thinks and can never forget that he is responsible for separation with his daughter. Grandma gives the phone to Abhi.

And then right now Prachi starts calling and asks her if your health is fine, saying that I am fine now I came to see you because I was very upset and she allowed me to meet you but let me know Nice to say that I can sleep well. Ranchi asks them to take care of them and cut off the call and starts thinking that Mehrasar doesn’t know anything.

If you come, we will see that Ranbir sees 1 ball in his room and tells how Prachi has set everything in his room. Prachi also dances and is happy. Pragya looks at Prachi and hugs her. Prachi is adorned as to why I am scared to see my mother, what is this love. Pragya starts to think that India has become like this, that she believes that she has a mother in her life.

Riya starts crying and tells that Ranveer hates her with love. Alia starts to feel that you have to feel this pain only I can feel your pain Riya feels that Ranbir hates me so much But I still love Amir very much.

Next you will see that Ranbir proposes Prachi and thinks how to make a special from it. Pragya comes to Prachi’s room, Ranvir’s idea comes and he calls Sahana. He calls Sahana and attends the goods and their car Sarita starts wondering who has called the soldiers? Ranveer asks for her help.
Sahana becomes happy and gets involved in her plan. Further Ranbir says that Sarita ji has been told about our plan, Sahana agrees. Sarita thinks of keeping an eye on Sahana.

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Today you will see that Alia comes to Riya’s room but Riya is in the washroom and Alia starts messaging and thinks that Pragya has come to know that Riya is her only daughter, so how to stop their meeting.

Prachi is very happy to see Ranveer in the decoration and near the window and he comes with red roses and greeting cards. And he does Prachi and tells me that I love you very much. This is how the episode ends.