The episode starts with Riya lying to Aaliya and saying that stay away from her mother and her sister even after knowing everything, how can she make Durga ji hate me for my sister, similarly she separates her family Why does she want to, Alia gets tired of this. Prachi runs Ranvir to bed and puts Payal on.

Prachi gives Ranvir and asks him why are you taking care of me for my family. I say this is my care and gives him medicine Prachi tells Ranveer that Sahana will irritate me.In the same time Ranvir gets Ayan’s call and Ayan informs him that Aria is back home in tears and she It says that I feel as if she knows that Prachi is not well.


Ranveer tells her that she is coming home and does not ask to be involved in the provincial Syrian case. Ranveer leaves from there. Prachi sees the album on her bed and thinks that this work must have been called Sahana and she tells her sister in a video call that she is with Ranveer.

Riya calls Riya and Hariya says that you know that I do not love you, yet why are you doing this, you know what is the importance of Prachi’s mother in the life of the father, yet you are sister and you Created negativity in my mind. How can you take away the right to meet my mother. We have a blood relation between me and my father, that’s why I go crazy somewhere but I will tell everyone that Prachi is my mother. Riya stops Riya from doing this but Riya says that you are a deceiver and I hate Aunty Alia thinks that she cannot allow Pragya to come into the house.

Still gets up and asks Tai when she slept. Tai tells her that she was suffering from fever after cutting her hands, that’s why she had taken the medicine after she slept. Grandma takes care of her health and says that the fever has gone right now tells her that I am in love with you. Will asks Riya about the time, neither tells her that Riya gave blood and Prachi is safe. I say that Prachi wants to talk to her, that’s why Prachi is her sister.

Right now Riya is very happy to see her change and says that it is due to grandma Tai gives her water to drink, just finds her mobile, goes to grandma and asks her to take rest now. Grandma is remembering that the two are very much in love.

Next you will see that Ranveer reaches home and goes to Aria about the subject, Riya tells Ranveer that even after her reality is known to kill Prachi, Riya is disgusted and asks her not to name him. I think of saying something but Ranveer silences her and what do you say that you cannot molest me. The truck driver revealed that you are behind every problem of Prachi. Are you not ashamed to do all this to Prachi?

Riya tells Riya that I am really sorry Ranveer tells her that we are friends. I thought you are good but I am wrong. You have betrayed everyone and I do not want to see my face Riya tells her Where can I go? I just wanted you to tell her that you were my friend, that’s why I hate having any relationship with you. Hariya says why are you hating me for Prachi? Ranveer would hate Riya to know her because Prachi was about to die and because you knew how bad we felt seeing her, Ranbir says that I tell you the difference between you and Prachi even after knowing this Has tried to kill them, they tried to stop me but the family has not taken any action for him. Because his heart is very big but my heart is not as big as him and I can never forgive you Riya tells him that he begging her to forgive.

Ranveer Ranveer tells him clearly that their friendship is over and it will be good if he never shows his face. Aaliya gets her Convo caught. Ranveer leaves from that place. Aaliya thinks about changing Riya’s mind. This is how the episode ends.