Scene begins with Pragya leaves in the wake of praising Abhi for Haldi. Purab says you need to join with Pragya di right, don’t do this marriage. Abhi says he is getting hitched by his desire and leaves. Aliya says you don’t need my sibling satisfaction right. Purab says his satisfaction is with Pragya di. Aliya says you’re doing a misstep. Purab says I once mixed up by deduction you can change yet you can never show signs of change. Aliya says you’re as yet same, quit accusing me on the grounds that Abhi is getting hitched by his decision. Purab misses Disha and thinks how they once join Abhi and Purab.

Ranbir goes behind Prachi and she asks him to don’t follow her. Ranbir says I became more acquainted with why you’re doing this measure, you said a final farewell to me since Rhea requested that you do it. Prachi turns otherside. Ranbir says don’t attempt to become other individual which you can’t and take a gander at me. Prachi recollects her mother agony and advises to Ranbir that she have mind and won’t follow anybody orders and on the off chance that you have dignity leave me and don’t follow me.

Ranbir says I won’t leave you even you attempt to hurt me with words on the grounds that our adoration is stating you’re lying and I can see it in your eyes. Prachi says hear me out in any case in the future I will likewise you. Saritha calls Prachi to come. Prachi says alright and leaves subsequent to requesting that Ranbir proceed onward failing to remember their adoration. Ranbir figures he can always remember his affection. Saritha sees Prachi tears and asks what occurred. Prachi says cheerful tears and they goes to their home.

Rhea reminsces her convo with Ranbir and Prachi and she goes to converse with Meera. Aliya takes Rhea with her adage Abhi is calling her in regards to morning matter. Rhea feels cheerful and thinking her Dad is tuning in to her words. Aliya locks room entryway. Rhea inquires as to why she misled her. Aliya says I lied however you’re childish. Rhea sats yes I’m childish yet not awful sister and Aunt like you. Aliya lifts her hand. Rhea says slap me yet I won’t adjust my perspective. Aliya says nothing going to change and my sibling will wed Meera tomorrow. Rhea says I acknowledge this demand and Dad will wed my Mom not Meera aunt so pause and watch. Aliya thinks to eliminate Rhea from her way. Rhea sees Meera isn’t accessible in her room.

Pragya feels tragic recalling Abhi words. Saritha says you’re concealing the torment of loosing your adoration and you will bear it with time. Pragya leaves saying she won’t go to the marriage. Saritha calls Baljeet and illuminates her that Pragya is denying to go to marriage. Baljeet says 3lifes will get ruined so make it set with some arrangement and bring Pragya here. Saritha says alright.

Shahana advises to Prachi that she didn’t advise anything to anybody. Prachi says that how Ranbir is so certain. Ranbir says he can know her. Prachi says nobody can adore me like Ranbir and I can’t bear his disdain. Ranbir thinks I generally love you and will attempt to follow the issue and clear everything for us. Prachi in tears snoozes Shahana’s lap. Shahana thinks Maasi is fortunate to have you Prachi.

The following day Ranbir and jay came to capture Shahana. Jay denies however Ranbir causes him to concur in the wake of telling his arrangement. Shahana and Saritha go to the market and they takes Shahana with them. Shahana reproves them. Jay attaches her to the seat. Ranbir says sorry. Shahana inquires as to why they Kidnapped her. Ranbir asks her to tell for what reason Prachi changed. Shahana says Saritha Aunty will come here before long looking through me. Saritha sees Shahana isn’t with her.

Ranbir says it guarantees on me so Shahana to come clean with me. Shahana says why you and Prachi take this sort of guarantee on you. Ranbir says so something is occurred so don’t break guarantees and shows to me with indications of whether I’m correct. Ranbir says Prachi would not like to say a final farewell to me and this is a result of Rhea. Shahana gestures yes. Ranbir expresses gratitude toward her for help. Shahana goes to Saritha and they went to advertise once more. Ranbir thinks to show a thing or two to Rhea. Read More….