Kumkum Bhagya 11th February 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

The Episode begins with Abhi looking for Pragya and coming towards her. Ashok’s significant other Varsha takes a gander at him, as she has concealed Pragya there. Abhi asks did you see Pragya? Varsha says she has seen her there and requests that he go. Abhi goes. Varsha takes Pragya from that point. Pandit ji guarantees Dadi and Sarita behen that on the off chance that the havan works out in a good way for 8 hours, at that point nothing will happen to Abhi and Pragya. He says in the event that any obstacles come in the manner, at that point the two of them are at serious risk. Abhi figures Pragya can’t avoid him for long among the outsiders. Abhi looks for Pragya and calls her. Varsha takes her to the storeroom. Abhi is going to consider Pragya to be he comes inside, however Ashok’s mom comes there and requests that Abhi come, says your better half is calling you. Abhi says she is there, I thought… .He goes to go. Ashok’s mom heads inside and requests that Varsha come out. Varsha comes out and asks did you discover your better half. She bolts the entryway and goes. Abhi comes there and discovers Pragya missing. He gets considerably more stressed. Ashok’s mom calls her child and requests that he come quick, as our prey is going inside the house. Ashok asks her not to stress, says they are coming.

Abhi goes to the storeroom/toilet while looking for Pragya. Pragya acquires cognizant and answered to him, that she is inside. Abhi quits hearing her and tells that they are undependable. Pragya says I needed to disclose to you this, yet Inspector Ashok’s significant other made me obviousness and secured me in the room. She tells that Ashok and the thugs who needed to slaughter them have a place with a similar family. He requests that she move and tells that he will break the entryway. All of a sudden Ashok’s mom hits pole on his head and his better half additionally hits Abhi. They tell that whoever comes here, can’t go. He says I don’t lift my hand on ladies and says I will converse with your child. Both the women keep on beating them. Pragya asks Abhi not to get beaten by the ladies. Abhi comes inside the room and reveals to Pragya that he has attached the ladies with their dupatta, without lifting his hand on them. Pragya gets intrigued and embraces him for his peacefulness demonstration.


Abhi acknowledges everything and discloses to Pragya this family is of executioners and attempts to call Purab, however sim isn’t there. He tells that Ashok has taken the sim card when my telephone fall. He says Ashok’s sister probably won’t be included and needed to enlighten us regarding her executioner family. Abhi says how we will go out at this point. Pragya says we will pass by window. He says in the event that you had known, why you didn’t come out. She says how she would have left without him.


They bounce down from the window. Ashok’s mom and spouse free themselves and goes to the room. They discover them experiencing the window. Ashok, Killer and Snake gets back home with the other thug. Executioner gets his leg broke. Other sibling says he will call somebody. Varsha educates Ashok that they have stolen away from window and ran towards their vehicle. Snake gets some information about them. Ashok and the other thug check executioner’s break leg. Abhi and Pragya sit in the vehicle.

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