kumkum bhagya 11 september 2020 written update

Kumkum Bhagya 11 September 2020 Written Update:- In today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, you will be shown that Vikram is talking to Abhi on the call and Abhi says that these people are missing you, similarly he says that he cannot do this, Dushyant is calling by phone. Takes it and starts telling him for them that Vikram gives the phone to Vikram, Abhi says that Hung will come with me and will tell me once that I will stop this marriage, Vikram says come on man. Now they say that I am coming to you, Vikram says that he is coming now.

Shahana thus confuses Rahul and gives him to the guest room saying that he wants to give him money. Rahul goes into the room. Shahana informs Prachi about this. Prachi and everyone think about making Maya for themselves to govern the government, where Anna says I will bring her, Sarita and Prachi and Satane Ayan to manage.

Similarly, she asks her someone’s parish whether she has accepted Maya because she is dancing happily. The parish says that when she heard the sound of the drum, she became very excited, so she started dancing. Similarly, Ranveer asks BG to leave Palvi, in the same way, I also say that I never harass Maya because she has let me go, Sahana looks at the decision.

Shahana says that Ranbir is my childhood friend, so Ranbir says that he does not know that Sahana has come to him to notice him and Kabir comes to know that she is Sahana and goes to Prachi’s place But they call from the pundits. Dushyant stops Ranbir and him from going anywhere and tells him that you sit on the pavilion, in the same way Sahana informs Prachi about this, in the same way Diya leaves from the pavilion.

You will see that Rahul will go to the guest room and Ayaan and Sarita ask him to drink alcohol. Rahul says that he cannot drink, Sarita wants to drink him anyhow so that he can grab the money. Either way, Rahul is forced to drink alcohol and he starts drinking alcohol. Prachi asks him where Ranveer is at the time Sahana says that Ranveer is in the pavilion and cannot come there you will see that Rahul is lying unconscious and Ranchi notices that Maya is going to the pavilion and starts saying that everything is over It is done

Aaliya comes after her forcibly goes and says that everything will be alright Riya says that this is what you say every time but something is not right, so please do something, Alia says to fix everything I have done something, so wait for some time and relax so that I can solve my problems.

Stranger sees her everywhere but she does not see. Similarly Pandit tells Ranveer to concentrate there. Veer asks Vikram to stop this marriage for now. Vikram agrees to Ranbir in Mandak And Riya is sitting. Pandit says that everything will be done at a good time. That is why they suggest that until the good time starts, stay in the veil. Raising Mrs. Maya’s face, similarly, he remembers Prachi’s moments, Ranbir feels very bad

Ranveer says that I cannot marry Maya, Dushyant warns him that if you don’t get married, he will kill Pallavi. Pallavi and all ask what has happened. It is said that nothing has happened. Pandits put something in the fire. Similarly there is fire and everyone runs away from the pavilion.

Later, Pandit starts asking what happened. Pandit says that you told me to bring the bride to sleep, Mrs. Chaubey brings the bride and this shows Prachi under the veil. Ranveer sits down with her.

Mr. Choubey looks at Ranbir and wonders why Ranveer looks so happy, Dushyant says that maybe he has realized that Maya is his life, he seems to feel that if Prachi is with him.