The Episode begins with Abhi applying haldi to Pragya and tells that this is the last time, when my shading is getting applied on you. He helps her to remember the last time, when they praised the shadings… He says that tone is getting supplanted by something different. He says another person will be shaded with me and not you.

Pragya inquires as to for what reason are you reminding me about the past. Abhi says our previous stays us associated and says you wouldn’t look delightful to me previously. She requests that he go whoever he believes is excellent. Abhi requests that she hear him out and tells that now she is looking lovely at this point. He says I can’t release you a long way from me and gets drawn towards her. he says you may be figuring how could I love you, in the event that I don’t felt you excellent. Abhi says I cherished you and your heart, and not your face. He tells that they may go a long way from one another and requests that she comprehend. He kisses all over.

Pragya says don’t do it and takes a gander at Meera. Abhi inquires as to whether you are frightened of her. Pragya says she is your future spouse. Abhi says however you are my significant other. She inquires as to whether you are frightened that you can’t stop me or terrified of her. Pragya says Meera is coming her and stamps on his feet. Abhi yells. Meera hears him. Rhea asks how could you? Ranbir inquires as to for what reason did you reveal to Prachi that I left her for you.

He requests that she shut up and asks her not to constrain him to educate such countless things regarding her, which he knows. Rhea asks are you undermining me and says we are before long get ready for marriage. Ranbir says it didn’t occur yet. Mitali comes there. Ranbir goes. Rhea figures just I will come in your life and thinks to stop Dad’s marriage. Meera looks for Abhi and goes to the room, where Abhi and Pragya are covering up. Pragya reveals to him that on the off chance that Meera see them together, at that point what she would have thought. Abhi says then she would have thought EFA..Extra life partner issue and very soon it will turn out to be extra conjugal undertaking.

Pragya says you have changed and dislike this. Abhi says I am extremely terrible and that is the reason you need to leave me. Aakhiri Baar plays… .. He holds her Pallu and wipes his face, tells him directly. Pragya says it is there even at this point. Mitali thinks Abhi is wedding Meera, yet romancing with Pragya in the corner. Prachi thinks about Ranbir’s words and embraces Shahana. Shahana attempts to mollify her. Aryan glances at Prachi and Shahana. Ranbir digs out from a deficit and signs Aryan to be quiet. He keeps hanky on Shahana’s nose and takes her from that point. Aryan runs behind them when Prachi goes.

Pallavi asks Vikram, why Dadi is content with Abhi’s marriage and tells that Meera is my companion and I won’t bear Pragya. Vikram says Pragya is Dadi’s bahu and thinks Pallavi has such a great amount against Prachi and her family. Pallavi comes to Meera and gets some information about the haldi. Meera tells about the disturbance. Dadi and Sarita behen talk with Purab to get ready for Abhi and Pragya’s association. Abhi and Pragya come ground floor. Abhi says I was thinking to apply haldi to you, with the goal that my shading gets concerned you, similar to it was applied to Pragya. Meera tells that she was having hypersensitive response so can’t have any significant bearing. He says alright, it is finished. He compliments Pragya for Meera’s fantasy and her desire. Mitali reveals to Aaliya that she has an inclination that Abhi will wed Pragya. Aaliya says Raj bhaiyya knows the back up arrangement and calls him for Dig vijay. Ranbir gets some information about Prachi’s choice.

Shahana says I don’t have the foggiest idea. Ranbir says Prachi is doing say a final farewell to me, and requests that she determine what is the explanation, says he will make everything fine. Shahana reviews Prachi giving her guarantee and tells that she truly don’t have a clue. Aryan requests that Shahana tell. Ranbir requests that she disclose to Prachi that he cherishes her genuinely and won’t leave her. Aaliya goes to the library and asks Digvijay not to smoke, says smoking isn’t permitted.