Kumkum bhagya 10 September 2020 Written Update

Kumkum bhagya 10 September 2020 Written Update:- In today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya you will be shown asking Dushyant who he is, and why you are going in. Prachi sends Dushyant’s warning to Ranchi, Ranveer says I am not afraid because I am with you, Dushyant Ranbir starts asking who he is.

In the same way, Alia asks Riya what Maya has answered, Riya tells her that she has refused to go back but Ranbir has taken a stand for me for the first time and I am in love with her, Alia advises him. Is that he should marry her.

Rahul asks Samana for her dress so that she can succeed in stopping Maya’s wedding. Sahana comes to know that Gaya is Rahul and Rahul takes the dancer’s clothes from another. Similarly you will see that Shahana Aryan will call

In the same way, only Ranchi takes hold of Ranchi and Veer in Dushyant Ranbir says that you take care of the lady, Dushyant asks Ranbir to tell who you are about Ranveer Prachi but he says that I am my Ranbir I am the friend’s wife and he tells her to face the woman. Dushyant notices Narta there and he asks them what it is doing here.

Ranveer asks to call the other’s caterer, but Dushyant leaves them. Likewise, Prachi comes to Sarita and says what does Ranbir need to stand for me, Sarita tells him that if such a person can be found If he means that he loves you.

Aryan wears the dress of Shahna Sarkar. Sahana takes him aside and brings Rahul out in the dolmen. Oil says that this is a fancy wedding dress competition. Sahana says that Rahul wants this marriage to happen Payal says that he is not understanding this, Sahana calls Prachi to find out his location and then Prachi goes to that place.

You will see that Sarita smiles upon seeing Sahana, Sahana says that she saw Rahul and now he is walking towards us in different resistance. Prachi wants to say that her plan is different. She says that Maya has married. Ranveer has decided not to divorce her and has given up her plan that non is not from good family Ranchi says yes I am from good family that’s why the caregiver is a loving man. Prachi sees what I have to do now, says to Sarita that if I propose to you and I run away from this pavilion.

Prachi says that I am asking about how to expose Maya? Can we ask Rahul to tell everyone that he loves Maya. Shahana says that he cannot talk with Dushyant. Sarita says that if he is drunk he will reveal the truth. Prachi and others agree to implement the scheme.

On the other hand, Maya starts thinking that she is getting married to Ranveer, so she is lucky to give you that Rahul sneaks into Maya’s room and tells her that you are good Maya starts feeding who are you Rahul revealed that she Rahul’s maya tells him to go out.

Similarly, Rahul says that he has not drunk alcohol or has come to trouble you. I also want to get married but he will come to her after giving her divorce. I will agree to this but thinks of doing something for Rahul. is .

On the other hand, Ranveer feels that Prachi has broken my promise because she has not joined the wedding but Dushyant says that we warned Prachi not to attend this wedding. The pundits arrive, Dushyant asks Eggman to complete the rituals of marriage.

Dushyant asks Vikram to call Abhi for marriage. Vikram goes to call Pune.In the same way, Oil makes a glass of wine for Rahul and says that it is needed to get everything out true Ranchi says that we should tell everything to Rahul that Maya after marriage Ranveer is not going to divorce because he will get angry

Sarita says should I bring Rahul to the same place. Like this, Pranchi asks Sahana to bring her where she can not recognize him, please come and chase him. That’s how Prachi feels in her marriage with Dharamvir. It has not come that I am here. Similar episode ends