Mitali brings the food and keeps the plate in his room, and afterward educates him resoundingly. Abhi emerges from the restroom and attempts to eat the food, however he was unable to take the food in his mouth. Mitali sees his battle to have food and ponders what has befallen him, he was unable to eat food and that is the reason he stays hungry the entire day.

Pragya is holding up external when Doctor comes there. Pragya tells that she is Abhi’s overseer and asks what befallen him. The specialist will not inform her concerning him. Pragya says my work is my puja and I will know else how might I deal with him. The specialist says great, his body development is weakened and has no connection with the cerebrum. Pragya asks your meaning could be a little more obvious.

He says he will attempt to eat the food, yet he can’t. He tells that the slug has influenced his correct frontal projection. Pragya tells that he blows up out of nowhere. The specialist says blood supply is less in the cerebrum, and there is no improvement, he resembles an energetic dead body. Pragya is stunned. Read More…..