Kumkum Bhagya 1 October September 2020 Written Update

In today’s phase you tell that receptionist Pragya that it starts whether her husband has paid the bill or not. Sarita and Pragya are shocked to hear this. She asks the nurse where did you go, she tells that I went to meet Prachi. Sarita says that the place might be a sister lady. Similarly, after catching the truck driver, she would think of gesturing to him. is. Neelash chases Ranveer. Similarly, Neelash’s vehicle stops compared to Ranveer and his. Ranveer beats her and faints. Anganwadi asks Beer what to do now Ranveer tells him that let’s go to his house to make him come true.

Just calls Dr. and starts asking about the branch that he had gone to work says that Prachi needs blood but B Plus is not available yet he says that my daughter’s blood type Is like that. Not only because I will bring him here Dr. informs Pragya, Pragya cries a lot.

Ishq Mein Marjawn Season 2 01 October 2020 Written Update

You see further that Kshetra says that I should tell Dad that Prachi wants to live my love. Alia says that it is not good for her Prince tells her if Prachi wants to finish my story So I can’t go, that’s why I should tell Dad. Similarly, Idea says that I know that Nilesh and his have never created any difficulty for me but I am waiting for Ranchi’s death, so Riya says that I cannot wait and I will die of Prachi . Want to hear the news Similarly, one still comes over there and asks them if you want to hear the news of Ranchi’s death, both of them go to the chowk in the same way the week ends.