Kumkum Bhagya 1 April 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Abhi inquires as to whether she drank his juice and says you shouldn’t have done this. Pragya says sorry. Abhi says it is alright, you have accomplished such a great deal for me, shown me how to drink. He says servers made me drink a lot. Pragya requests that he go to the room and says she will show him how to make plane.

Abhi concurs. The server slams into Abhi. Abhi asks did you hit me? Pragya says no and helps the server pick the fallen stuff. Abhi tosses the paper rocket noticeable all around and it falls close to Rhea. Shaina inquires as to whether the kids are here in the gathering. Rhea sees Abhi and goes to him. She inquires as to whether he is playing alone.


Abhi says sorry as the rocket fell close to her. Rhea says it’s alright and gives Paper rocket to him. Abhi discloses to her that he made two companions, one is Gayu and another is Ranbir. He says Ranbir is awesome and made him wear a ring, and furthermore made other young lady wear ring as well. Rhea gets strained and asks where is that young lady now. Abhi says they are behind the column. Rhea thinks the other young lady is clearly Prachi, assuming she attempts to grab my Ranbir from me, no one will be more regrettable than me.


Ranbir discloses to Prachi that he didn’t leave even the littlest hole for her to lie and requests that she tell that she adores him. Prachi gets passionate. Abhi requests that Pragya wed him and requests that Pandit ji get them hitched. Tanu hears them. Rhea tells that she detests her mom such a huge amount in this world. Pragya hears her. Read more….


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