Kumkum Bhagya 5 September 2020 Written Update

In the last episode we see how now and Ranbir had saved Prachi’s life and then at the request of the inspector they told that all this robbery was done by Sanju then Prachi goes to her house and all this The information is given to his sister Sarita and after that the moment also Vikram ran towards the house when Maya’s elder father Maya and Ranveer had reached there with the omen plate for the wedding

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And he also gives an ultimatum saying that Ranveer and I cannot get married today, they will have all tomorrow. After this, And Bir is thinking about Prachi, fearing for his condition, and after that, Alia Koi Jiten did not manage to get it so she decides to take the situation into her own hands and after that she comes to meet Ranbir and gets emotional seeing the trouble and after that she says that all her sorrows and worries are solved. Will do

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She starts to stop their marriage and swears to herself that she will punish Prachi for Ranbir for removing her for the last few months. After that Maya’s son and father come to Prachi’s house and he is there for everyone. Explain that Ranveer and Maya are getting married and after that Prachi opposes this but Maya and her mother shout and say that it would be very bad if Prachin also appeared around our house that is why he Stay away from the issue

At the end of the episode, Prachi gets very sad and her film is hot and she thought to herself that she can’t see Ranbir marrying someone else, thinking that she is crying and this is where the episode ends. Is done