Kumkum Bhagya 05 February 2021 Written Update

Scene begins with Abhi saves uncle from Goon1. Goon2 stops Abhi pointing weapon at him. Pragya tosses container at Goon which makes him drop the weapon. Abhi beats them and pursues out expressing gratitude toward old couple. Pragya opens Old couple ties and leaves subsequent to taking their endowments. Abhi and Pragya runs and Abhi looks for vehicle, identified with key given by uncle.

Pragya requests that he accomplish something demonstrating Goons are here. Abhi goes to Goons and inquires as to whether they are hitched. Goon1 says no. Abhi requests that they cause him to appreciate with his significant other and tosses sand in their eyes. Abhi gets his vehicle keys. Pragya says we can’t run this way in the event that we get your vehicle keys at sanctuary and they hurries to look through Car with Key assistance.


Abhi at long last hears locks sound and they runs in that side and Abhi requests that Pragya sit tight for at some point so he can clean the vehicle. Pragya says we won’t your show. Abhi requests that she sit in vehicle. Thugs assaults him, Abhi escapes in vehicle with Pragya making Goon1 oblivious. Goon2 thinks to execute Abhi with knife.Old couple sees Abhi and Pragya in vehicle and they requests that they leave before Goons caughts them. Old couple asks god to save Abhi and Pragya. Goon2 takes easy route to arrive at Abhi vehicle. Read More…..


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