Kumkum Bhagya 03 September 2020 Written Update

The episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts from the heart where the heart is also telling that Ranbir and Abhi have got Prachi released from the police station by proving her innocence and Pragya thanks her and asks her driver to go to the police station And she also tells Sarita about it and Sarita begs Prachi to take her home and she asks him to apologize from now on. Pragya says okay Sarita shared this news with Sahana. And then they both go to get something for work

Next in the episode, the lawyer asks Pragya for the number of the constable and thanks him and after that Alia Vikram and Pallavi all reach the police station and after that Alia asks if Mehr has not come with the police. But does not come and he explains that the candidate is coming after telling his mother

And then Pal also asks me to tell you what’s the matter, after that Alia says that Ranbir and now have proved that Prachi is absolutely innocent and he should be seen so she also says a moment when he was released. How will we face Ranchi then Alia stopped thinking today is a very difficult task now and how to see wisdom and how to spoil it

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Kumkum Bhagya 04 September 2020 Written Update

In tonight’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, you will see that Riya comes down upset with the designer who had considered Meera as her mother, then still follows her and how he can take her out in front of the person. Bhej comes and her mother is very wrong. It bothers her to read. Despite that, Priya is very rude about her mother. I stop her from saying wrong things about her mother again but I am not silent.

And then Rhea leaves very angrily then mine too goes to her but to calm her down and now she is trying to control herself on the other side meanwhile she misses her children and I thought how much Pragya took care of her children the whole episode should be updated shortly.

Tonight’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with a phone exchange and Riya notices that I am fine and Prachi is also fine. Right now the police are asking Ranbir to sign and there Vikram tells Prachi to Thank you for allowing me to work with you and then before that says I will never allow Ranbir to work in my company if he is Prachi and you are very good then Pragya says that you too Are very good

After that Paul also gets a call from Ji that Maya is waiting for him at home with her big daddy. Alvi says that she will arrive home late. Telling her to wait but Prachi comes home with her Sarla is very happy and hugs her and I ask where is Pragya and who is that thief.

And then Prachi says that Mamma was yesterday to love that is helping and the real culprit is Sanjeev are shocked at the same time Dushyant comes to their house.

At the end of the episode Prachi is thinking that she is my love and I will do anything to get her and Ranbir keeps making me feel a feeling of love and God is also happy with our relationship and also shows his love to me Does and takes the other side there thinking that I had tried to get rid of Prachi and Ranveer but they are getting even closer so we have to do something quickly and she thinks that me and Ranbir I will finish whatever comes in between. This is the end of the episode