Kumkum Bhagya 04 February 2021 Written Update

Aunt tumbles down. The shooter 1 sees the portable on charging and asks Aunty. Aunt says they brought it for their child. Shooter 1 considers Abhi’s to be as backdrop and attempts to strangulate Aunty for lying. Uncle comes there and keeps blade on Shooter 2’s neck. Purab calls Inspector and inquires as to whether he arrived at that town.

Monitor guarantees that he will reach there sure and says nothing will happen to Abhishek Mehra. Purab requests the spot information. Overseer says they can’t advise him and danger his life. He closes the call and thinks he needs to proceed to save them, regardless of whether he lose the employment. He thinks to make a group who can give life for their obligation. The shooter 2 bother Uncle and gets his blade.


The shooter 1 requests that they tell where is Abhi and Pragya and take steps to cut Uncle’s finger. Aunt yells no… .Abhi and Pragya hear Aunty’s shout. Investigator is in transit with the constables. Shooter 2 requests that Shooter 1 slaughter the elderly person so his significant other shouts out in dread. Shooter 1 is going to wound Uncle, when Abhi comes there and holds the blade. Read More…..


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