The Episode begins with Ranbir asking Aryan, Jai and Palak to help him on the off chance that he stalls out once more. Aryan and Jai run behind him. Jai says we lied such a great amount for you. Aryan says I had brought last ceremonies Pandit and caused him to become familiar with the marriage mantras. He says you can’t cause her wear to mangalsutra and apply sindoor. Ranbir comes up with a rationalization and sits in vehicle. He inquires as to whether he need to sit in vehicle, so they will not touch her. They concur, sit in the vehicle and afterward hits him teasingly. Har ek companion Kamina hota hai plays… Ranbir grins. Prachi and Shahana get back home. Prachi searches for Pragya and thinks to converse with call Pinky’s mom number. She says might be Maa and Sarita behen went there. Aaliya inquires as to whether she realizes that Meera is gone from the house. Rhea asks what? Aaliya says she told such a huge amount for you also, told that you are difficult, spoilt and so forth, I was unable to bear it and that is the reason I requested that she leave.

Rhea is stunned and afterward says you had said that at whatever point Dad is with my mother, at that point he is consistently at serious risk. Tai ji asks her not to think all that and tells that Rhea is feeling that Abhi is at serious risk. Vikram comes there. Rhea asks who revealed to you that Dad is at serious risk. Vikram says no one advised me, nothing of that sort occurred. Rhea says why is he not picking the call. Dadi accompanies Sarita behen and tells that Abhi is with Pragya and don’t need anybody to upset them. Sarita behen says they love each other to such an extent. Aaliya asks what are you doing here? Dadi says for the significant custom of grah pravesh. Rhea inquires as to for what reason did Ranbir lie to me? Vikram says he may have accomplished for testing your sanity. Rhea thinks why Meera didn’t converse with her prior to proceeding to inquire as to whether Dad knows. Aaliya says it doesn’t make a difference. Rhea says you need to say. Abhi discloses to Pragya that they will have food in one plate. He says his stomach will get loaded up with affection and attempts to cause her to have food. She chomps his hand and says your stomach can get loaded up with affection, yet not mine.

Abhi says you have messed with me on the tip of the finger, it harms. She kisses on his finger. He grins and says some treatment is still left. They make each other have food. Abhi reveals to Pragya that he has nibbled his lips while having food. Pragya kisses on her finger and places it all the rage. She requests that he have food and says all will be great. Abhi says you are phony specialist and says he will cause her to remind the treatment. Pragya hacks. He causes her to have water. Pragya says I will give you treatment. Abhi says I will treat you. Pragya asks him not to yell else they will come. He pulls her nearer. She falls on his lap. Allah wariyan plays… … He kisses on her temple. Pragya says she is fine at this point. Abhi asks did you recall what aunt told, that our adoration will increment when we eat food in one plate.

Pragya says love won’t increment, as you don’t recollect my number. Abhi says this day will go waste. Pragya says it is your error. He says he will amend his mix-up. Abhi discloses to Pragya that he will apply her mehendi, as Sarita behen couldn’t make a difference her mehendi. He says the impression of the mehendi will consistently be on your hand. Pragya gets enthusiastic. Abhi makes a plan on her hand with mehendi. Pragya takes a gander at him. Tune plays… ..Abhi asks how is it? Pragya expresses gratitude toward him. Abhi says you had said that all that will happen when I recollect your number, and inquires as to whether everything? She gestures yes and says you don’t recall the number.

He thinks of her number on his hand. Pragya says you said that you don’t recollect the number. Abhi says now all that will occur as I might suspect. He runs behind her. Pragya says not me… The shooters discover the pony outside the town and imagine that Abhishek Mehra is covered up in the town. The shooter requests other shooter to slaughter both from them and search in each house. He says our own agreement will be satisfied. Pragya secures Abhi in the room and sticks out. Abhi requests that she open the entryway. He says I am your better half. She says I am your better half and reserve the privilege to cannot.

Abhi faculties something awful will occur and reveals to Pragya that he feels that all that will end in the event that she don’t hold his hand. Prachi worriedly reveals to Shahana that Maa isn’t with Sarita behen. Sarita behen says I will disappear from here. Rhea says you won’t go, as no mystery is huge than Buji. She says she won’t hush up today, I will tell everybody and Dad, whatever you have finished with me. Dadi asks what? Rhea says Buji… Aaliya requests that she stop it. Rhea asks her to simply pause and watch.

She says I needed Dad and Prachi’s mother to wed and even requested that Meera aunt back out. She says Buji didn’t need this, and needs Dad and Meera aunt to wed, I was coming in the middle of her arrangement so she secured me in the storeroom. Purab comes there and gets stunned hearing this. He inquires as to whether she did this with Rhea. He says you don’t leave even your loves ones, you are only a lost cause. Dadi says let Abhi come, he will say how to manage Aaliya.