The Episode begins with Abhi asking Pragya not to contrast Meera and Tanu and tells that she is sweet and pleasant, takes great consideration of Rhea and regards me. He says she is definitely not a gold digger like Tanu and asks her not to express each one of those things for her. Pragya approaches at that point disclose to me the purpose behind your choice to wed her. She asks do you love her, or do you consider me answerable for your choice? She says you can never show signs of change. Abhi says truly, I am wedding Meera as a result of you. Pragya is going to leave. Abhi requests that her tune in and tells that in the event that she had demonstrated some adoration to Rhea, at that point this thing wouldn’t have occurred. Pragya says it is sufficient. Abhi says you have made her extremely upset, she used to adore you and you have documented FIR against her. Pragya says I didn’t do anything.

She says I didn’t document the

FIR, yet you have the propensity to blame me? Abhi says I am not denouncing you and disclosing to you reality. Pragya says reality is that a mother has sent her little girl to secure. Abhi says certainty is that Inspector revealed to me that you have recorded the protest and that Prachi was assaulted multiple times, first on Dussera day and furthermore with truck. He says just we both thought about this and asks how did the Inspector know? Pragya says I am seeing that you are far fetched on me? He says on the off chance that you haven’t recorded the grumbling, at that point you would have taken it back. She inquires as to why you didn’t take Prachi to the PS. Pragya says I had returned home to take Prachi to the PS. Abhi says I had done anything I desire to and got my little girl liberated from the PS. Pragya says your girl? Abhi says truly, my little girl. Sarita behen lights the diya and requests that God clear the entirety of their mistaken assumptions. Shahana tells Sarita behen that Rhea abhors Prachi and now Maasi, she won’t let Mr. Mehra and Maasi join together. She asks did Mr. Mehra call Prachi once? She says Maasi is getting distraught for Rhea, why he isn’t caring Prachi? She says she never observed them troubled in Hoshiarpur, however since they came here, they have confronted numerous disturbances. Sarita behen embraces her and placates her. Shahana approaches her to converse with God for their satisfaction.

Pragya asks him not to state that, else she won’t pardon him. He says on the off chance that Prachi is your girl, at that point then Rhea is my girl. He says you would have shown Prachi how to converse with Rhea, she called her foreboding and so forth Pragya says I disclosed to Prachi not to express anything to Rhea and says she may have furious as Rhea let me know to such an extent. Abhi says Aaliya is correct that you simply love Prachi and says if would have been acceptable in the event that you have brought forth Prachi. He says you didn’t return for your personality and left Rhea twice. Pragya says in the event that he is done, and says I don’t possess energy for anything now? Abhi says I need to welcome you for my commitment. Pragya asks when? Abhi says day after tomorrow. She says I am glad to see you dispose of me. He says that is the reason called her. He says Aaliya requested that he wed. Rhea approaches him to get a mother for her, and says Meera has dealt with Rhea since 20 years. Pragya says I am glad for you and will praise more than you two. She is leaving from that point and slams into the table, tumbles down. Abhi gets concerned, however stops. Pragya leaves from that point and thinks about her words. He additionally leaves from that point and considers Pragya. He envisions Pragya coming to him and embracing him. Halla plays… … .

Pragya likewise envisions Abhi going to her running and embracing her. Halla tune plays… .She gets broken and cries sitting out and about.

Mitali comes to Aaliya and asks do you believe that Abhi has gone to meet Pragya. Aaliya says ofcourse. She says he may decline to wed Meera. Mitali says he can’t deny for Rhea. Aaliya says Pragya knows to play passionate dramatization for him and tells that Meera doesn’t have the sparkle like Tanu, and is straight. She says she can’t converse with her straight away. She says I think to hop down from the overhang. Mitali says no. Aaliya requests that her go, so she can consider counter assault on Pragya.

Pallavi is getting released from the emergency clinic and reveals to Beeji that Vikram is settling the bills. Ranbir comes to Pallavi. Pallavi kisses him and says I don’t have to take any permisision from anybody to kiss my child. He at that point expresses gratitude toward Doctor for treating his mother. Specialist says she will be fine, however you will not give her any pressure. Vikram says she gives me pressure and not I. Specialist says joke was acceptable, however you need to do as she says. Pallavi signs them to go. Ranbir says gives up home.

Shahana asks Prachi in the event that she feels that Mr. Mehra will conflict with Rhea for Maasi and you. Prachi says I am his little girl as well and says he hurried to get the emergency treatment box. She says Maa has gone to meet him. Sarita behen gets a call and chides the person. She says I will come tomorrow and get chain and pendant tomorrow. She reveals to Shahana that they will go to the gem specialist and take chain and pendant.

Pragya gets back. Sarita behen asks what was the deal? Pragya says nothing. Sarita behen asks once more. Pragya yells at her and says sorry.

Pallavi tells that she is cheerful. Beeji says you said this multiple times. Pallavi says I am glad to join with my family. Aryan comes there. Pallavi pulls his ears and inquires as to why you didn’t come. Aryan says he had gone out on Diwali night. Vikram requests that he swear on Ranbir that he is lying. Aryan says I was smashed and that is the reason dozed the entire day. Ranbir says mummy must be drained, so she will rest. Pallavi calls Ranbir to her and requests a decent night kiss. Ranbir kisses on her brow and says goodbye. Aryan discloses to Beeji that Ranbir is exceptionally worried over his Mom. Beeji says he is exceptionally worried over numerous things.

Mitali comes to Aaliya and says Abhi got back and call all relatives. Aaliya says Pragya may have done the enchantment and he will won’t wed Meera now. Mitali requests that her accomplish something. Aaliya says now there isn’t anything in our grasp, as he didn’t declare his choice to wed Meera. Mitali inquires as to for what reason would you say you are frightened? Aaliya says my dread can be gone, if Pragya didn’t play her game.

Abhi considers Pragya, hanging tight for all his relatives. Mitali calls everybody and tells Abhi. Abhi asks Meera, in the event that she has chosen and inquires as to whether she will offer love to Rhea, which a mother haven’t given her. Meera says I concur. Dadi comes there and says I was sitting tight for you. She says they said that you consented to wed Meera. Abhi asks Meera on the off chance that she has any qualms. Meera says no. Abhi says alright. Dadi says truly? Abhi says commitment will be day after tomorrow and marriage will be following seven days. Tai ji says how all that will be overseen in quite a brief timeframe? Mitali requests that her hush up. Dadi requests that he reconsider? Abhi says I have chosen and ought to have hitched long back. He asks Aaliya to get the cards printed and says I need to give the main card to Pragya. Dadi requests that he reexamine once more. Aaliya signs Raj.

Precap: Ranbir reveals to Aryan that he was unable to turn into a decent darling, however will turn into a decent child. He says he didn’t realize that he needs to get Prachi losing his mother. Dadi advises Abhi to advise her, for what reason would he say he is doing this? She gets some information about his powerlessness and says you would prefer not to wed Meera.

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