Scene begins with Pragya in tears listens Abhi message that he going to meet her and she thinks might be Abhi concurs for marriage when he is smashed or perhaps he is calling me to tell about his marriage and she leaves worriedly. Saritha implores join them.

Dadi says Abhi cannot remain content with this marriage and noone a get bliss. Rhea says I feel bliss with this marriage. Aliya says did you found your solution. Dadi says she is kid and don’t think about circumstances however we know right. Mitali says it’s their choice. Dadi says Daljeet may feel pitiful on the off chance that she is with us and Raj please disclose to them.

Raj also bolsters Abhi choice. Dadi cries and wishes Daljeet to be with her to clarify. Aliya says Dadi isn’t with us as a result of Pragya and it’s better they are getting seperated totally. Dadi says she isn’t content with Abhi Marriage with Meera. Aliya inquires as to whether she can’t acknowledge the marriage. Dadi cries.

Prachi advises to Ranbir that Rhea is her sister and Abhi is her dad and she became acquainted with it as of late and the connection broken before its get associated. Ranbir looks stunned. Prachi says I feel Pallavi aunt is vexed and need to advise to something to me yet she gets hindered by specialist. Ranbir says nothing and figures I can’t satisfy my vows to you Prachi and he cries. Prachi wipes his tears and guarantees him that his Mom will get fine very soon and she leaves.

At outside of medical clinic Prachi gets run with Abhi vehicle and he gets stressed seeing her injury and cleans her hand. Prachi says Dad, you used to deal with me even without knowing I’m girl. Abhi says my heart knows you that why we used to feel association. Prachi embraces him joyfully. The two gets enthusiastic.

Prachi says she used to feel normal association and she requests that he disclose to Rhea so they can join as family. Abhi says leave regarding her. Prachi says how to leave she throwed me and offended mother. Abhi says unfortunately Rhea isn’t terrible on the most fundamental level. Prachi says she is awful else she won’t do thusly.

Abhi says stop it. Prachi says you don’t have a clue how Rhea offended Mom and I can never excuse her. Abhi says leave to home and I will figure out everything. Prachi says nothing will figure out. Abhi says ask your Mom she will let you know, I can set anything and Rhea is ruined on the grounds that she don’t have mother yet she isn’t terrible and deal with your mom and he goes to meet Pallavi.

In transit Pragya in tears reminsces her minutes with Abhi and figures she can’t manage on the off chance that he weds somebody.

Vikram requests that medical attendant clear their bills do they can go to home. Abhi embraces Vikram and reproves him for not illuminating Pallavi condition to him previously and he tells everybody that Pallavi will get fine and he goes to meet Pallavi. Pallavi inquires as to why you came to meet me leaving your work. Abhi says you’re additionally getting enthusiastic and I raced to here in strain.

Pallavi says I know since you didn’t get any chocolates or blossoms for me. Abhi requests her to take care from her wellbeing saying she need to deal with such a huge amount in future. Beeji asks what are they talking about. Pallavi says he is discussing Ranbir Marriage with Rhea. Abhi gets stressed saying he need to meet Pragya. Vikram asks what’s wrong. Abhi says Pragya is my better half and Prachi is my girl. They gets stunned. Abhi hurries to meet Pragya.

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Kumkum Bhagya Cast:

  • Shabir Ahluwalia
  • Sriti Jha
  • Shikha Singh
  • Mugdha Chaphekar

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