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Pallavi steps at the ghee and falls down at the ground. Dida shouts Pallavi. Everyone turns to have a take a observe her. Rhea acts shocked. Ranbir, Prachi, Sid and Rhea run to her. Pallavi says she is feeling plenty ache. Ranbir and Sid assist her get up. Pallavi says she has plenty ache in her leg. Rhea asks how did you collapse? She asks if water changed into at the stairs.

Prachi appears on the ghee at the ground and says baati changed into there, it appears it fell down through me. Pallavi shouts and asks how she will be able to do mistake once more and once more. She says a way to provide her puja obligations and scolds her.

Prachi says sorry. Pallavi says you says sorry oftentimes after which do the mistakes. Prachi says it’s far my mistake. Ranbir shouts at her and asks how will you be so careless? If Dida had fallen then, restoration is not possible on this age. Rhea says I will communicate to Prachi and asks him to take Mummy to room. Sid asks Ranbir to speak to Vikram’s physician and he is taking Pallavi to room. Rhea says its good enough Prachi.

Prachi says I don’t recognise that why I do mistakes, and I turn out to be terrible in every person’s sight. Rhea says I am your sister and is aware of you properly that you’ll now no longer do it intentionally, if I had now no longer recognised you, I could have scolded you want Ranbir. She says the manner Ranbir scolded you, aleven though he loves you, how can he suppose like this.

She says honestly, every person should have concept the identical like Ranbir. Prachi receives teary eyes and is going. Rhea smiles. Ranbir comes there and asks wherein is Prachi? Rhea says Prachi is feeling which you scolded her unnecessarily. She says Prachi feels that Mummy must have be cautious whilst on foot and every person thinks of approaches to scold her. Ranbir asks if Prachi stated this. Rhea says no, I am her sister and is aware of properly while and what’s she questioning. Ranbir receives disenchanted with Prachi.