The Episode begins offevolved with Prachi asking the Kohlis if she has achieved any mistake. Vikram says you haven’t achieved any mistake. We have achieved a mistake. Ranbir is going to his room, thinks of his love confession and smiles. He alternatives his guitar even as the music SubhanAllah plays…Ranbir thinks of Prachi and his first meet. He thinks he couldn’t accept as true with that his own circle of relatives has agreed, and thinks Pallavi supposed Prachi. Vikram tells Pallavi that he goes to his room and is going. The servant comes there and is set to offer tea to Prachi. Pallavi stops Servant and tells that tea will be given to visitors and now no longer to Servant, and that she is a Servant to us. Prachi is greatly surprised. Ranbir thinks to make her Maharani and could assist her in each paintings or even in kitchen, despite the fact that he doesn’t know. He says everyone can listen and

can assume that he’s wife’s puppy. He says he may be some thing for her. Pallavi asks if some thing went in her eyes. Beeji says whilst the desires break, it pains and hurts the eyes. Ranbir thinks his own circle of relatives desires his betterment. Prachi says you referred to as me and stated that there’s a few paintings. Pallavi says you figure for us and also you get profits for that. she says in case you don’t need profits then I will ship you domestic. Prachi says no. Pallavi asks her to do the paintings here. She sees Servant coming there. Dida collides with Servant and scolds him. Pallavi angrily asks Prachi to easy the stuff from the ground. Servant comes there to easy it. Pallavi shouts and tells him that the female will easy the ground and that she is a Servant. Ranbir calls Servant to easy the juice from his ground. They listen him. Dida asks Prachi to head and easy Ranbir’s room and don’t take crocodile tears there. Prachi is greatly surprised at their conduct and thinks there need to be a few reason. She thinks to invite Ranbir, however thinks now no longer to inform him and disappointed his temper on competition day. She thinks he’s making plans to marry me and could sense terrible that they’re treating me as a Servant.
Prachi involves Ranbir’s room. Ranbir hides from her at the back of the curtain. Prachi attempts to easy the ground. Ranbir says Raju will do. Prachi says she does her residence paintings and shall now no longer problem Raju for this. He thinks Prachi is questioning this as her domestic. He comes out to offer her some thing. Prachi appears at his costume. He tells that he’s gambling Ram withinside the non secular play. She laughs aloud. He asks if she turns into his Sita and swears to put on correct clothes. Inteha music plays…..Pallavi sees them collectively and is going out. She calls Prachi. Prachi says she is coming. Ranbir asks her to reply and go. Pallavi calls her to kitchen. Ranbir tells that today’s Ram is me and I don’t should kill everyone, as my Sita is infront of me. Prachi receives emotional and leaves from there. Ranbir appears on smilingly.

Dida asks what did Prachi do now? Pallavi tells that Ranbir didn’t do some thing, it’s miles simply Prachi who’s trapping him, I will ask her to forestall dreaming approximately him and could hearthplace her from her process today. Prachi thinks why is Pallavi aunty is disappointed with her? She thinks she didn’t do some thing. She collides with Rhea and apologizes, asking how is she? Rhea recollects seeing her % in Pragya’s residence, thinks she is my elder dual sister. Prachi says sorry for now no longer assembly her withinside the health facility and hopes she is feeling better. Aaliya comes there and sees them collectively. She calls Rhea asking her to return back and speak to her. She talks rudely to Prachi and asks her to concentrate to her carefully, live farfar from Rhea.

Aaliya hugs Rhea and takes her to the chair. Rhea asks what happened, I am truly worried. Aaliya says I love you so much, can’t see you hurt. She tells which you become approximately to hug Prachi and tells that she shall now no longer do such matters with Prachi. She says you become searching at her as in case you need some thing from her. She says you didn’t put on this get dressed as you want it, however due to the fact you didn’t need to reveal your burn marks. She tells that Prachi shall now no longer come here, if she comes domestic then she can be able to clutch the whole thing. Previously she used to plot and clutch, now she can be able to clutch the whole thing the usage of her rights. She asks her to grab the whole thing from her something is hers and asks her to shut all methods to Ranbir, else she can be able to clutch your Papa and Ranbir from you. Rhea receives provoked with the aid of using her and says you’re right, this isn’t the time to come to be emotional fool, earlier than she snatches my the whole thing, I will clutch the whole thing that’s mine.

Precap: Pragya needs glad Dussera to Pallavi. Pallavi says it is going to be glad whilst you may make it. She scoffs them. Later she asks Prachi to put on her vintage sarees or deliver it to her Maa or Sarita ji. Prachi is in tears.