Prachi comes to meet Ranbir in the school and tells that she is extremely furious. Ranbir says what was the deal? Prachi says she is leaving him as she feels that she can improve than him. Ranbir is stunned. She says I don’t care for you and we had nothing between us. She says I am parting ways with you. Ranbir snickers and asks with whom, you have wagered? Prachi says I am not kidding and says I can improve than you. Ranbir says I realize that you like me and I like you and no one can isolate us. Prachi says I am isolating from you as I love cash more than you.

Rhea asks Abhi how he can can’t? Abhi says I don’t have to demonstrate my adoration and tells that presently cards are printed and Pragya and others think about this marriage. He says Pragya will snicker at him and will believe that Meera wouldn’t wed him. Purab asks what befallen him? Abhi says he will wed Meera unquestionably now. Aaliya gets diminished. Rhea says you won’t wed Meera aunt now? Abhi says I won’t do as you say. Rhea takes steps to run off from home. Abhi says then you will see my indignation and asks her not to compromise him. He says tomorrow is haldi and day after tomorrow is marriage, says he is taking Meera for shopping now. Aaliya asks Purab, did you hear what Bhai needs? Rhea reveals to Aaliya that the issue is about Ranbir. Aaliya says the issue was about your mother and father and I was simply utilizing you, presently I feel that neither I need you nor your alleged romantic tale with Ranbir.

Shahana gets down from the taxi and contends with the cab driver for giving 5 rs coin. The driver says it is 10 rs coin. Aryan comes there and says you are contending for 5 Rs and tells that they have a taxi remain close. He reveals to Shahana that Prachi is acting strangely with Ranbir and isn’t conversing with him, and he is getting distraught. Shahana says Prachi will likewise prod Ranbir. Aryan says do you imagine that she is doling out retributions with you. Shahana says no and tells that they may be testing your sanity and probably won’t talk lovey-dovey before them. She contends with him.

Ranbir says you are feeling cash is significant than me. Prachi says I have a place with the low working class or helpless class. Ranbir says it doesn’t influence me. Prachi says your family will repudiate you on the off chance that you wed me. Ranbir says we will leave in any mohalla. Prachi says I can’t live in such a spot and tells nothing works without cash. Ranbir says for what reason would you say you are talking like Gold digger? Prachi says when you had educated me concerning your mother disdaining me, I have perceived that they won’t care for me. She says I need to remain in a major house and go to extravagant vehicles. She tells that cash is damn significant for her and advises that when he proposed to her, she got cheerful. Ranbir says I will bring in cash for you. Prachi says Sanju is more extravagant than you in the event that you leave your family. Ranbir says give me a possibility, I will bring in cash. Prachi asks what is the assurance that you will arrive at progress and approaches him to look for something for her. She says your companion Nick is rich and can get caught by me. Ranbir asks her to quiet down and requests what good reason she needs to get herself offended. Prachi requests that he digest this and proceed onward throughout everyday life. Ranbir couldn’t bear her and informs that Rhea was correct regarding her. He says you have made me extremely upset today and requests that she hear how he felt. Prachi requests that he proceed to cry on Rhea or another person’s shoulder. She says everybody needs cash. Ranbir says exceptionally modest and leaves in torment. Prachi plunks down and cries.

Shahana discloses to Aryan that she is feeling that there is an off-base thing. Aryan says they should talk lovey-dovey talks, you are taking superfluous pressure. Ranbir comes there out of resentment. Aryan says they had a battle unquestionably. Shahana asks Ranbir where is Prachi? Ranbir approaches her to look for herself and reveals to her that Prachi needs to do part ways with him. He sits in the vehicle and goes. Shahana is stunned. Prachi cries still. Shahana asks what was the deal? Prachi says she has done the separation with him. Shahana asks did you come to know anything and inquires as to whether he was doing time pass with you. Prachi requests that she stop it and tells that she has no alternate way. Ranbir reveals to Aryan that when he educated her concerning his mother, she was moved and had a positive outlook on his choice, yet today she advised that she needs to remain in the enormous house and wanders in the huge vehicle. Prachi tells that she is doing this for Maa. Shahana asks did Maasi request that you do separate? Prachi says Rhea inquired.

Abhi asks Rhea, what you need me to do? Rhea requests that he won’t wed Meera. Abhi is stunned. Aaliya ponders your mother and father, I needn’t bother with you, or Ranbir and your romantic tale.