Kumkum Bhagya fourth December 2020 Written Update Meera consents to wed Abhi approaches Meera for the marriage. He discloses to her that its pretty much Rhea. He is grateful to her that she declined for her. He requests that her fail to remember that he came to meet her. Meera amazingly acknowledges the engagement proposition. She tells that she will be the most fortunate lady on the planet on the off chance that she turns into Rhea’s mom. She tells that he is the best man she has found in the entire world, he is acceptable hearted, he had consistently been acceptable towards her. He tells that he would have done great with any representative.

She would not like to turn out to be terrible by failing to remember his courtesies. She tells that he stood firm for her when a visitor called her a worker in Rhea’s birthday. She feels regarded that he needs to wed her. He applauds him for continually giving her regard. Rhea gets glad that Meera has acknowledged the engagement proposition. Meera advises that she can’t decline to him, she is fortunate to find some kind of purpose for existing accomplice like him. He doesn’t utter a word in the wake of seeing Rhea there. He quietly goes. Rhea bounces with fervor.

Vikram discloses to Dida that Ranbir is prepared to forfeit his genuine romance to spare Pallavi’s life. He doesn’t need Pallavi to grab Ranbir’s bliss. He needs to converse with Pallavi. He reveals to Dida that they can’t ask Ranbir to wed Rhea, realizing he doesn’t cherish Rhea. He feels Pallavi is fouling up with Ranbir. Dida discloses to him that Pallavi is right, yet on the off chance that he suspects as much, he can converse with her. He goes to meet Pallavi.

He needs to advise her that she shouldn’t give long lasting distress to Ranbir. She doesn’t let him state anything. She reveals to him that Ranbir won’t have the option to fail to remember Prachi. She tells that she is Ranbir’s mum and knows his sentiments well. Dida feels for Ranbir and embraces him. Rhea discloses to Aaliya that Meera has consented to wed Abhi. Aaliya educates that she knew concerning it, Abhi is the best and anybody would adore him. She tells that Meera loves Abhi and she needed to consent to the proposition to be engaged.

Rhea tells that its great that Meera loves Abhi. She reveals to Aaliya that its an uplifting news, Meera has acknowledged the proposition to be engaged so cheerfully and she was so energized. Aaliya gets upbeat and offers the delight with Rhea. Rhea tells that Pragya and Prachi will be harmed now. She needs to show Prachi that she has a caring mother now. Aaliya likes Rhea’s demeanor. Prachi and Ranbir are in distress. Prachi is crying a result of Pragya’s torment. Ranbir is crying since he is losing Prachi.

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Air Date: 04 December 2020

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