Scene begins with Rhea asks Abhi to wed Meera If he cherishes her. Abhi says he can’t wed anybody. Rhea says do you don’t adore me and they are imperative to you and I used to sob for my Mom and you left your rockstar picture for me and I would prefer not to impart that affection to anybody, you’re my beginning and end and I believe you so much yet you broke my trust today demonstrating same love to Prachi that is the reason I got unreliable and attempted to hurt Prachi, if Prachi and Pragya are critical to you than I don’t have any individual who loves me. ‘

Abhi says it’s false, Pragya loves you. Rhea says Pragya abhors me and on the off chance that she lives me why she isn’t with me? Abhi says you’re thinking incorrectly as a result of your conduct. Aliya says Rhea you didn’t do any slip-up so don’t accuse yourself. Rhea says Prachi revealed to me that noone can turn into my Mom and I need to respond to her so I need Mom and you need to get me My Mom. Aliya feels cheerful. Abhi attempts to reassure Rhea and says he can’t wed anybody.

Rhea says on the off chance that you don’t wed Meera aunt, at that point I will take off from this house. Abhi feels stunned. Rhea says I may live in streets and bite the dust. Abhi embraces her and consents to do what she needs him to do. Aliya says he need to wed Meera. Abhi leaves saying he us having migraine and will chat with Meera.

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Ranbir deals with his Mom. Beeji asks Vikram’s opinion however he don’t reply. Ranbir comes out from ward than Vikram takes him.

Abhi calls Doctor and illuminates him that his head is tormenting severely and says he will meet him tomorrow than his wallet tumbled down and he sees Pragya pic in it and reminsces everything, Meera realizes the amount I love my better half so she won’t consent to wed me.

Rhea says I will show to Prachi that I have preferred Mom over her if Dad weds Meera aunt. Murali asks god to satisfy Rhea wishes. Aliya asks what are you saying. Mitali says consider the possibility that Meera denies to wed Abhi. Rhea says Meera aunt will consent to wed father and she leaves.

Vikram says I’m irate with you Ranbir. Ranbir says I realize Mom is in this condition as a result of me. Vikram says don’t accuse yourself, I vowed to your Dada like you guaranteed and I left my cricket for him, actually I’m angry at him and you’re doing likewise botch. Ranbir says he didn’t comprehend.

Vikram asks how might you leave Prachi effectively for your Mom? That affection will be with you forever time even we don’t remain with you. Ranbir says he can do anything for his Mom. Vikram says Love will accompany them in each Janam. Ranbir reminsces his minutes with Prachi and says I will wed Rhea for Mom. Vikram says it will be trade off so deny it since you can’t survive without Prachi right. Ranbir looks on.

Prachi gets passionate reminscing her minutes with Abhi. Shahana asks her for what reason she is getting passionate. Prachi says she is feeling the loss of her Dad and I was unable to meet him due to Rhea and don’t advise this to Mom else she will feel terrible.

Shahana concurs and asks Prachi to don’t cry. Shahana sats I don’t care for Rhea for making you all Sad and Now Ranbir didn’t come to meet you so call him to realize what occurred. Prachi says possibly he us strucked. The two embraces one another.

Abhi goes to Meera room  to converse with her. Meera requests that he come inside. Abhi says I got my Pragya. Meera says I became more acquainted with about Pragya is your significant other and I saw their battle and thank you for including me as your family to examine the issue.

Abhi says presently it’s significant. Meera says give me at some point I will leave from this spot soon next Rhea got her Mom. Abhi says I came here for another explanation. Rhea catches their convo. Abhi says Rhea needs me to wed you.