Rhea gets glimmers of Ranbir saving Prachi and gets up irately. She figures Ranbir can’t take a U turn and will wed just me. Ranbir sits on the gallery railing, when Aryan comes there and thinks he is endeavoring self destruction and tells that it’s anything but an answer. Ranbir says he was not ending it all. Aryan requests that he converse with him. Ranbir asks how might anybody lie to the relatives. Aryan thinks Ranbir is feeling remorseful to stow away from Prachi. Ranbir reveals to him that his mother is stowing away from him about her wellbeing. He says he heard her telling that she is fine now and is concealing this from me. He says in the event that I give her pressure, at that point likewise nothing will happen to her.

Sarita behen considers Abhi and Pragya’s affection and discloses to Prachi that she knows the explanation of Pragya’s strain and asks where your eyes’ flash went. Prachi thinks about Rhea’s words. Sarita behen reveals to Prachi that she saw Abhi and Pragya’s affection. She tells that they saved one another and now she is certain that they are enduring as a result of Rhea and her.

She tells that they love genuinely, says Pragya loves your daddy so much and she can’t stop this marriage and your Papa can’t dismiss his go head to head from Meera. Pragya goes to room and shuts the entryway. Tune plays… ..ya rabba plays… ..She cries. Pragya takes a gander at her through the window and sees her crying. She thinks her dread is working out and she is in agony. She trusts somebody stops this marriage, thinks my maa is in torment. Abhi goes to the room and sits on the bed. Purab thumps on the entryway. Abhi opens the entryway and says you. Purab looks for something in his room. He tears the wedding card of Abhi-Meera. Abhi asks what befallen you? Purab says similarly as I came to realize then I took the main flight and came here. He tells that he can’t see him fouling up with Pragya.

Abhi requests that he proceed to ask Pragya. Purab says you may have done errors and says I can give life for you, yet can’t see her withering as a result of you. Abhi says you don’t think about this issue? Purab says everybody think about this now and tells that he won’t allow this union with occur. Abhi requests that he proceed to converse with Pragya. He says even I can give my life for you, you are not my companion, but rather a sibling. He says my connection is done with Pragya. Purab says I won’t allow this union with occur. Abhi asks what will you do? Purab says I will light fire to the mandap. Abhi embraces him and says I will do whatever I believe is correct, says your di don’t have any desire to remain with me and needs opportunity, so I am giving her. He pushes him out and shuts the entryway. Purab is going to thump on the entryway, however Abhi requests that he proceed to rest. Abhi gets dismal.

Rhea inquires as to whether she can forfeit her adoration for her mother’s bliss. She guarantees her that on the off chance that she restores her affection, at that point she will restore her mother’s adoration to her. She inquires as to whether she acknowledges this arrangement.