The Episode begins with Pragya and Abhi going to the restroom and discovers Rhea’s telephone there. Rhea tells that it is my telephone, we thought it is his telephone. Abhi calls Pradeep, however his telephone gets off. Pradeep is oblivious still. Pragya tells that his commitment won’t occur. Abhi says you have guaranteed me. She tells that they will take help of Purab’s companion and get his location and his stuff or any pic. Abhi says we can evidence that Tanu is hitched.

They leave from that point. Mitali whines to the occasion director that his game plans are bad and advises that assuming I need to proceed to take care of job in kitchen, for what you have come? Aaliya comes there and requests that he check the cake for the ring service, why it haven’t come till now. She reveals to Mitali that commitment isn’t going on here. Tanu acquires awareness and races to the evolving room. She discovers Pradeep missing and thinks on the off chance that anybody took him from here. She imagines that Pradeep may have went himself and thinks to stop him. Ranbir is conversing with somebody about looking through Pradeep and slams into Pradeep. Pradeep says sorry. Robin asks what is he doing here as gathering is going on first floor. Pradeep says his supervisor inquired as to whether anybody needs anything and goes. Aaliya comes there. Ranbir reveals to him that he saw a server, however he dislike server. He says when I addressed him, he gave a weird answer. Aaliya asks where did he go? Ranbir says that side. Aaliya says gives up there. Tanu comes there and tells that the server was odd, and says don’t have the foggiest idea what he made me drink that I fell oblivious. She says he asked again on the off chance that she needs something. She says I requested that he give me a blade to kill him, however then he was sorry and she remained quiet. She says she was not anticipating this sort of awful help and goes. Aaliya reveals to Ranbir that they will tell bhai that Tanu got cognizance. Ranbir says he may be server as it were. Aaliya says your suspicions weren’t right.

Pradeep thinks to converse with a woman (may be Pragya) and disclose to her beginning and end. Aaliya calls Pragya and illuminates her that Tanu has acquired cognizance. Pragya requests that she go to the visitor room. Pradeep is going to go to Pragya, however Tanu makes him oblivious by making him smell chloroform and removes him from that point. Pragya discloses to Aaliya that she thought somebody is behind her. Mitali sees Tanu with Pradeep and asks what she is doing.Mr. Singhania calls Abhi. Rhea reveals to Abhi that he will call Police after 15 mins. Abhi picks the call. Mr. Singhania inquires as to why Tanu isn’t accepting my call. He takes steps to call the police. Abhi requests that he converse with her after 15 mins. Ranbir tells that Tanu is extremely astute. Aaliya says we will go there and imagine as though we don’t know anybody. Mitali asks Tanu for what reason did he get oblivious? Tanu says she is attempting to conceal him and tells that he is a similar server who made her beverage? She says she has admonished him so much and that is the reason he swooned. She says she is right and that is the reason calling Police, and tells that the relative will be gotten who made her beverage. Mitali says sorry and says I was taking care of kitchen, however I didn’t do deliberately and says sorry. Tanu says my commitment halted because of you. Mitali apologizes. Tanu requests that she proceed to bring water for him. She says we will make him cognizant. Mitali goes to get water, while Tanu takes him out. She takes him to the vehicle leaving and conceals him in her vehicle. Mitali returns and discovers them missing.

Tanu tells oblivious Pradeep that he will be here, until commitment is finished. She says she will take him from here after the commitment and will rebuff him. She says what do you believe that I am only a lady who loves to shop, no. She says I will show you, the genuine me. She conceals him in the vehicle decky. Mitali thinks if Tanu deceived her and thinks he was Tanu’s significant other and came here to stop her commitment. Tanu returns. Mitali requests that she say truth and inquires as to whether that person needs to stop her commitment. Tanu tells that indeed, he needed to stop the commitment and requests that Mitali say the whole truth. Mitali says she don’t have a clue what she says and don’t have the foggiest idea what is to her or is it unfilled. Tanu says that server got cognizance and went. She requests that she center around her commitment. Abhi tells that Tanu acquires cognizance. Pragya says we can’t be soothed. Aaliya says we must watch out. Pragya says we need to act ordinary with her. Pandit ji inquires as to whether the commitment will occur or not? Tanu comes there. Aaliya inquires as to whether she is fine? Rhea says we got stressed for you and asks what did you eat the previous evening. Aryan says I appealed to God for you. Tanu thinks acting is acceptable, however I came to know it all. I will make each day hard for you. She tells that she drank the beverage and fell oblivious. She requests that Pandit ji complete her commitment. Abhi takes a gander at Pragya.Abhi and Tanu get ready for marriage. Later Pragya converses with Abhi and tells that sharing the sentiments isn’t shortcoming. Somebody considers Tanu and tells that when he opened the vehicle decky, he discovered an individual dead. Tanu is stunned.