Guard says you don’t resemble a craftsman with your looks and garments. Ranbir says he is an entertainer by calling and accomplishes this work low maintenance. The gatekeeper says he will call other person who deals with the house. Ranbir redirects his brain and tells that Tanu Madam disclosed to me that the watchman don’t take care of job appropriately.

Guard requests that he go. Sarita behen reveals to Pragya that she knows an attorney, yet an old legal advisor, who telecommutes. Pragya inquires as to whether he battled any case. Sarita behen says he had battled a case and won it. I don’t think about him after that. Pragya requests that she give his name and address. Sarita behen says I simply know him and that is the reason told.

Pragya says we need to face the challenge, else we can’t win. Pragya says the legal advisor probably won’t be acceptable or not, however our case is honest. She asks what is the attorney’s name. Sarita behen says Raghuvir Mishra and searches for her telephone to get his number. Pragya thinks a suffocating individual got the help of a stone.