Next you will see that initially the inspector is asking Pragya to show off her second daughter Riya and from there the other side just comes to the lawyer’s house and tells that her daughter has been arrested and claimed Why did it come there? After that the lawyer tells him that bail is not possible at all today and plans to go to his relatives’ house, his wife is at home and son has gone to the hospital, so he cannot go with her right now.

We just see that right now it tells him that you are not taking care of my family at all and are refusing to take all the matters from the company to him. After that the lawyer says that this is not the case then after that It says that you will have full Diwali on Diwali.

About her, that does not even help her and she feels that tonight she has to tell it to her heart, then we see that he is thinking that it has to go from here and Riya She says that I will come there after some time. After that, we see that Riya says that she will come after some time and after that Riya is looking at pictures of Baljit’s grandmother and Daljit etc. and I cry to see this picture.

I want to see the film that I go to Mana Vikram’s house and after that give water to the first one, then we see that Biji is at Vikram’s house only. Next, we give that Bhaiya says that her family is full but one Daughter was needed to eat.