Scene begins with auditor asks Pragya to bring Prachi to demonstrate Rhea as blameless. Abhi goes to attorney house and inquires as to why he didn’t went to his call. Legal advisor says he was unable to see on account of Diwali and asks what occurred. Abhi approaches Lawyer to accomplish paper work for Rhea bail. Attorney says he us occupied with his family and says he will send somebody with him. Abhi takes steps to eliminate him as his organization legal counselor than he concurs.

Rhea says today I again lost my Mom and I’m feeling so much agony. Pragya comes to meet Rhea despite the fact that constable won’t permit her. Rhea pivots Pragya says don’t get frightened Rhea, I will deliver you from prison. Aliya says Rhea would prefer not to meet her. Constable hauls her. Pragya says I will bring Prachi to station and demonstrate you as guiltless than their will be no case. Aliya figures her arrangement will get floundered if Prachi and Pragya discharges Rhea and than she going to leave yet Rhea approaches her to remain with her for at some point.

Dadi cries seeing Daljeet photograph and says that Pragya can never do this however Aliya consistently accuse Pragya and if Rhea and Pragya didn’t get joined than how to join Abhi with Pragya, show me some approach to satisfy your desire.

Family members leave from Vikram place. Ranbir comes to home. Pallavi asks where he went leaving their gathering at home. Ranbir won’t answer appropriately than Pallavi takes care of him sweet and wishes cheerful Diwali and he takes care of her sweet than she sees the ring and asks what’s this. Ranbir sats it’s nothing.

Pallavi requests that he eliminate it saying that is not looking acceptable on him however Ranbir denies and uncovers them that this is his wedding band. Pallavi asks who offered it to him. Ranbir tells Pallavi, Vikram and Beeji that he got drawn in to Prachi. They gets stunned and inquires as to whether it’s actual. Ranbir says it’s actual and need to wed her. Pallavi slaps him.

Pragya came to home and yells for Prachi. Prachi inquires as to why she didn’t go to her calls and gets some information about her injury yet Pragya in tears asks Prachi to accompany her. Prachi stops her and asks what’s wrong. Pragya says police captured Prachi for homicide accusations and they says that I stopped grumbling however for what reason will I objection against her. Prachi says she attempted to murder your girl, for what reason wouldn’t you be able to stop grumbling.

Shahana and Saritha says it’s acceptable that Rhea in prison. Pragya sats what befallen you. Prachi asks how might you love Rhea even in the wake of realizing she attempted to execute me? I won’t come to police headquarters to deliver her and let her decay in prison for quite a long time. Pragya lifts her hand and requests that her not talk anything against Rhea. Prachi says Rhea is egotistical, narrow minded and attempted to slaughter her, she lives for just herself. She asks how could that be haughty and uncouth young lady identified with me. Pragya couldn’t bear her words and says she is your sister. Prachi and Saritha gets stunned.

Rhea says Mom may be understood her error that is the reason she came here. Aliya sats she came here to make the most of your state and she may intending to offer Ranbir to Prachi and on the off chance that you need to remain glad in life eliminate Pragya and Prachi from your heart and you will get your Ranbir in light of the fact that it’s not hard to seperate Prachi and Ranbir. Rhea cries. Aliya requests that Rhea fail to remember Pragya in the event that she needs Ranbir and impels Rhea against Prachi and Pragya.

Ranbir says you disdain the young lady I love. Vikram requests that he stop. Ranbir sats I have 100 motivations to adore her yet disclose to one explanation one you disdain her. Palos I says I raised you and I understand what’s beneficial for you. Ranbir says think regarding what I need, I just wed Prachi in my life. Pallavi secures Ranbir his room.

Ranbir says you or world can’t stop my adoration. Pallavi says you need to leave your Mom on the off chance that you can’t fail to remember Prachi. Ranbir says it’s not reasonable. Beeji asks Vikram to stop Pallavi. Vikram says Pallavi loves Ranbir and she won’t hear us out. Beeji says Prachi made contrasts among Mom and child.

Pragya uncovers to Prachi that Rhea is her twin. Prachi gets stunned. Saritha says so Mr Mehra is your better half. Pragya says I don’t have the opportunity to disclose so we should go to deliver Rhea. Prachi consents to deliver Rhea and they goes to prison. Shahana thinks Ranbir is strucked among sisters and asks Saritha whether it won’t cause issues.

Ranbir asks Pallavi to get him. Pallavi says I’m your Mom and gave you everything except for not you’re requesting that I get you? I understood my error. Ranbir says Prachi is my life and my heart is tormenting than for what reason wouldn’t you be able to get me? He says he will chat with Dad however Pallavi leaves securing him entryway.

Vikram and Beeji says she is fouling up. Pallavi says she discovered one approach to seperate Ranbir and Prachi. Ranbir figures he won’t let anybody come in the middle of him and Prachi. Pragya and Prachi goes to prison in auto and Prachi thinks so Mehra sir is my Dad and I’m fortunate to have him.

Summary Main Story: Alia’s devious plan against

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