Kum kum Bhagya 26 March 2021 Written Updates

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Scene begins with Dadi requests that Pandit check Abhi kundli. Pandit says I will see it tomorrow since evening time it’s not prudent to see Kundli and he goes. Aliya says meet visitors and satisfy it day. Dida asks what she needs to think about Abhi. Dadi says I’m concerned for Abhi wellbeing that is the reason need to know his future. Ashok enters to commitment work as worker to slaughter Abhi. Aryan inquires as to why you send your selfie with Rhea to Prachi? What’s the need to hurt her. Ranbir says im not harming anybody. Aryan says he actually feels Prachi is concealing something. Ranbir says I understood that Prachi is twofold standard young lady and she didn’t reprimanded the individual who make her MMS and she upheld that individual that is itself showing her inclination.

Aryan says leave regarding all that for what reason wouldn’t you be able to battle for your affection? You’re concurring that you lost while sending your photograph with Rhea. Ranbir says Its my triumph and I’m showing her that I’m content with Rhea and that Prachi will not esteem me. Aryan says you love Prachi not Rhea. Ranbir says Prachi hurted me and Rhea is the person who loves me than believe what’s significant. Aryan says Prachi on the grounds that she adores you and Rhea didn’t began cherishing you, presently mention to me what’s more significant? To hurt individual who loves you or worry of Rhea? You need to wed the individual you love else it will be contract.


Ranbir says he don’t need uneven love. Aryan finds out if you’re discussing yourself or Prachi on the grounds that this isn’t uneven. Ranbir going to leave saying he don’t know than Aryan inquires as to whether he can’t see the adoration in Prachi eyes for him. Ranbir sees Ashok going higher up and he stops him and sends him to kitchen. Aryan attempts to persuade Ranbir yet he will not listen anything and requests that he end the conversation and discloses to him that he will do what he is intending to do.


Ashok gradually enters higher up. Shahana enters the gathering and she approaches Ranbir. Aryan follows them and asks what occurred. Shahana says know it from Ranbir, I thought he is furious yet when he send the photograph to Prachi than I understood that he is proceeding onward in his life. Ranbir inquires as to whether Prachi send her to break his commitment. Shahana gestures no. Ranbir says than no compelling reason to talk and he leaves. Shahana says he is your sibling right? For what reason wouldn’t you be able to stop him. Aryan says I attempted however it’s not occurring. Shahana says we need to join Ranbir with Prachi. Aryan says Prachi is with Parth and she admitted herself to Ranbir than how would we be able to respond. Shahana says Prachi is lying, I can’t uncover all the more however assist me with dropping this commitment.

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Aryan guarantee her that he will do and he requests that she meet him in the principal floor second room.egere he brings Ranbir. Somebody hears their arrangement. Aliya advises to Aryan that Ranbir tumbled down in washroom and she takes his telephone and sends him to room than she bolts the room and reminsces how she heard his arrangement with Shahana. Abhi sees how Aliya secured Aryan washroom. Aliya advises to Abhi that they are playing game, go to Gayathri and don’t ruin our game. Abhi concurs.

Ranbir considers Shahana words while drinking wine than he calls Prachi and questions why you send Shahana to drop my commitment? I will not allow you to do it so fail to remember your expectation. Prachi says I would prefer not to drop your commitment. Read more……


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