Scene begins with Ranbir misses Prachi while he will home than he calls Prachi and inquires as to why she sounds stressed. Prachi says Mom looks stressed accessible as needs be and I’m not agreement what to do in light of the fact that I don’t have any acquaintance with her present area as well. Ranbir says don’t stress Aunty can deal with any issue and I’m headed to home and converse with aunt on the off chance that I saw her. Prachi concurs. Ranbir figures Rhea may planned something for Pragya.

Abhi questions why Aliya abhors Pragya such a huge amount of and going to leave yet Mitali stops him and reveals to Abhi that he is misconception Aliya aims, and Says that Aliya loves Prachi and Rhea and she had issue with Pragya and saying how Rhea and Prachi can live like family if Pragya do these sort of things. Aliya concurs with Mitali. Abhi asks Aliya to go to Jail to meet Rhea and he leaves. Mitali joyfully says how she oversaw everything and she asks Aliya to arrive at Jail with alternate route to seperate Pragya and Rhea. Aliya goes to prison.

Pragya goes to prison and approaches contestable for Si. Contestable shows Inspector to Pragya. In transit Abhi reminsces what occurs with Rhea and Aliya allegations against Pragya and than Dadi words to confide in Pragya. Abhi thinks Pragya loves Rhea such a huge amount than what’s up.

Pragya meets Rhea and Rhea inquires as to why this much late. Pragya says she purchased Prachi with her that is the reason late, Prachi comes to them. Pragya says Prachi gave articulation that you can never attempted to slaughter herm contestable opens the cell. Rhea cheerfully embraces Pragya.

Pragya says currently you’re free and than Prachi cheerfully embraces Rhea. Rhea says sorry for indicating disposition. Prachi says it suits you. They embraces one another. Aliya comes to them and requests that Rhea avoid them and asks Rhea what’s happening with you, in the event that they are critical to you? Rhea says indeed, they are significant for me generally. Aaliya asks more than me. Rhea says who can be more significant for a little girl than her own mom. She says Pragya is my mother and Prachi is my sister. Aaliya says your mother left you for Prachi.

Rhea says however she returned now and asks her not to meddle between them. Aaliya inquires as to whether she has this much regard in her eyes. Rhea says regard and love which you are discussing, is that you have lost it long back on the grounds that now I know reality. Pragya cautions Aliya to avoid her Daughter and says that she can’t control them any longer. Aliya says you can’t break my fantasy. Rhea tosses her and it goes to be Aliya dream and she figures she won’t let Pragya prevail upon her.

Pragya statements of regret to police for coming to wrong station and goes to another station in auto. Pragya gets strucked in rush hour gridlock. Aliya notice Pragya and thinks to meet Rhea before than Pragya and follows Pragya auto and hit it with vehicle. Auto runs with divider and Pragya lost her awareness.

Prachi figures where can be her Mom. Saritha says possibly Pragya with Rhea. Prachi says I will call mother again in the event that she dismal in view of Rhea than I won’t pardon Rhea however call didn’t associated. Pragya recovers cognizant and goes to police headquarters in taxi despite the fact that she is dying.

Aliya scopes to Rhea. Rhea turns saying Mom however it’s Aliya. Rhea says where is Mom? Is it true that she is conversing with controller? Proceed to support my mother. Aliya says still you confide in her? Your mother won’t cherish you. Rhea says stop it she adores me and need to give the all adoration in any case Mom won’t come here to spare me.

Aliya says your Mom breaked your trust since she didn’t came to station and perhaps Pragya is at her home making the most of her experience with Prachi in light of the fact that they rendered retribution on you and Pragya played stunning move in light of the fact that even your Dad can’t spare you, your Dad battled with police for you yet Pragya didn’t do anything for you since she simply love Prachi and you’re noticing to Pragya. Rhea yells saying she detests everybody and breaksdown saying Pragya can never turn into her Mom.

Pragya meets Inspector and says him that she didn’t document Amy grumbling against her little girl. Examination says who documented case went to home. Pragya requests that he ask Constable. Si asks contestable to check record. Contestable says it’s Pragya grievance. Pragya says she didn’t record Amy grumbling. Si says case will get shut if Prachi gave articulation that Rhea is honest. Pragya consents to being Prachi and requests that authorization meet Rhea. Be that as it may, Constable says now she can’t on the grounds that as of now somebody is chatting with her.