Prachi asks Ranbir and asks in the event that he cherishes her such a huge amount of, at that point for what valid reason is he acting along these lines. Ranbir cries and reviews how Pallavi constrained him to consent to wed Rhea. Rhea, Shahana and Aryan are coming there. Ranbir discloses to Prachi that she will consistently be in his heart, regardless of whether she is away from him.

He says this world is so awful and don’t take even one moment to isolate us. Ranbir falls on the bed with Prachi and gets oblivious. Rhea comes there and yells Prachi. She pushes her and Prachi falls on Shahana. She asks how could you contact my Ranbir. Prachi says she was encouraging her and attempting to make him lay on the bed, as he was flushed. Rhea says you was attempting to exploit the circumstance with the goal that no one reject for your and Ranbir’s marriage. Prachi says they are locked in now and traded rings. Rhea gets some information about this and inquires as to whether she played like she used to in youth.

She inquires as to whether she came to realize that Ranbir is dismissing her as a result of her. Prachi says my Ranbir can’t do this. Rhea requests that her go to her commitment with Ranbir after Dad and Mom’s marriage and afterward observe. Prachi says there is a distinction, we are locked in and you are not yet locked in. Rhea says Ranbir was exhausted of you and that is the reason played commitment game with you. She says we toss tissue after use, however individuals like you keep tissue in your pocket. Prachi gets broken. Rhea asks her to simply leave and yells at her. Shahana requests that Prachi tune in. She discloses to Rhea that Ranbir consented to do commitment with you, as his mother has medical issues.

Rhea tells that Aryan probably made this story and tells that Ranbir loves her since numerous years and recounts that this tale about Pallavi aunt’s medical problem is phony. Everybody hears the rainstorms. Aaliya gets stressed over the light. Sarita behen comes to Dadi and asks what was the deal? Dadi tells that her life is spent and says at whatever point something incorrectly will occur, God gives the indications. She tells that Abhi is sobbing for his awful predetermination. Prachi cries and runs out… .Pragya and Abhi are likewise strolling in torment.

Rhea requests that Aryan quit taking a gander at her and says I will ask him when he picks up awareness. Aryan says Prachi isn’t this way. He says you can’t criticize Prachi and says she has reacted to her affection without precedent for a correct way, so quit denouncing her. Rhea goes upset. Prachi comes out and thinks about Rhea’s allegations. Pragya sits broke and thinks about Abhi’s words. A fb is appeared, Pragya runs behind Abhi and inquires as to whether he will wed his fan. Abhi says no and holds Pragya. He says you had approached me to wed another person for joy in the event that anything happens to you. Pragya says you won’t wed anybody regardless of whether I bite the dust, I will murder that phantom. He inquires as to whether he is going to wed another person. Fb closes. Abhi asks Pragya what was the deal? Pragya says she fears the tempest. Abhi says much the same as you, even I used to adore this climate. Pragya pardons himself. Abhi figures numerous hearts will cry now. Meera comes to Abhi and advises that she would prefer not to wear this neckband. Abhi says I haven’t bought it and says looter may have kept in Rhea’s hamper. He says he will pay for this neckband to Ramnik and approaches her to wear it for the present, for Rhea’s joy and afterward she can either keep it or blessing somebody.

The looters enquire with somebody about Mr. Mehra’s home. They call Goga. Goga requests that they wear uniform. Prachi cries and reveals to Shahana that Rhea and her companions will giggle on her. Shahana says no and requests that her go to the gathering lobby. The burglars come to Goga. Goga gives server’s dress to one and formal dress to other. He says when they make Meera oblivious and carry her to the room, requests that the looter go about as specialist and take her inside, to take the neckband. Sarita behen asks Pragya, on the off chance that she bahu in a similar house. Pragya says no, however it was a comparative dress. Pragya tells Sarita behen that Dadi was the associating join among somebody and me, however it is lost. Sarita behen says it isn’t lost and tells that you are difficult and imagines that he don’t adore you. Pragya asks where is Shahana and Prachi? Sarita behen says they couldn’t see the tempest.