The Episode begins with Shahana asking Prachi to play with Ranbir and disclose to him that he is looking attractive. He strolls towards her. Prachi comes to him. He considers creating scorn in her heart and says that young lady is hot. Prachi thinks for what reason would he say he is telling this? Shahana signs her. Prachi says I didn’t care for the manner in which you advised her. Ranbir says the young lady is acceptable, wearing decent garments, what is serious? Prachi says you will tell a similar when I wear such garments. She winks her eyes. Ranbir asks what is this? you need to wear such garments and says your character is straightforward. Prachi cries and disappears from that point. Shahana runs behind her and asks what was the deal? Prachi says I am frantic and crying. Shahana says I will tell Maasi. Prachi cries and says tell whoever you need and tells that Ranbir told that

the young lady is hot, at that point I attempted to play with him. She says he told that such garments sometimes fall short for her and she will be straightforward and so on She cries and says she is feeling terrible for his words. Shahana says I will proceed to converse with him at this moment. A cosmetologist does Meera’s make up and shows the accessory. Meera says she can’t wear the jewelry and says it is by all accounts expensive. The burglars attempt to get away while they are going in the police van, yet the police get Tony while the others escape. Ranbir reveals to Aryan that today he has harmed Prachi so much and informed that another young lady is looking hot. He says today she told that she is envious, which I generally needed. He beverages and advises that Prachi needed to prepare my consideration and was to wear short garments for me. He says she is drawing close to me, however I am fleeing from her. He says I needed to win her heart, yet I today I am making her extremely upset. Aryan embraces him. Prachi prevents Shahana from conversing with Ranbir and says I will converse with him. Aryan goes. Prachi sends Shahana out so she can converse with Ranbir. The cosmetologist asks Meera to wear the neckband. Pragya discovers server peeping inside Meera’s room. She reproves him. Meera asks Pragya to come inside. Pragya comes inside. Abhi additionally comes there. The cosmetologist tells that Meera isn’t wearing the accessory. Pragya asks Meera to wear it. Abhi says unique thing is made for exceptional individuals. Pragya gets desirous and tragic.

Aryan asks Shahana would you say you are fine? Shahana says you won’t reveal to me the explanation behind Ranbir’s conduct. Rhea comes there and gets some information about Ranbir. Aryan says he didn’t have the foggiest idea. Shahana asks what is in his heart? Aryan says love. Mitali thinks Aryan loves Shahana and removes him from her. The Police constable calls Inspector and educates him around two looters eloping. The two burglars stop a man and take his vehicle and versatile. They caution him not to go to Police, else they will slaughter him. They message Goga bhai. Goga bhai calls them in the wake of perusing the inquiry sent by them. He reveals to them that he is now in Mehra Mansion and requests that they come there. The looter tells the another that he had shrouded the 50 crore neckband in Abhi’s pack so they can take it later. Goga is a similar server who was peeping in Meera’s room.

Prachi asks Ranbir if something occurred in his life? Ranbir says indeed, yet he can’t advise her. Prachi asks are you smashed and discloses to him that she won’t converse with him. Ranbir inquires as to why she didn’t defy when he applauded the other young lady and why you are prepared to wear short garments. Prachi says sorry. Ranbir says you are the best young lady and says I feel that God has picked you for me, because of my great karma. He says he feels fortunate. Prachi cries and says I imagined that you have understood that I am not appropriate for you. Ranbir says no and tells that you are excellent. Prachi says I am truly chichiki and cries. Rhea hears them from outside.

Precap: Rhea comes to room and discovers Prachi on Ranbir. She pushes him and requests that her get off from that point. She asks how could you to contact my Ranbir? Prachi says Rhea…