Scene begins with Aliya denounces Pragya saying she simply consider Prachi as her little girl not Rhea. Dadi says it’s sufficient, tune in to Pragya words too. Aliya says Pragya stopped Fir that is the reason police accompanied Arrest warrant. Pragya says she didn’t hold up fir. Aliya says don’t show your phony tears, Rhea thinks to make it her significant Diwali yet you send her to imprison in light of the fact that you simply love Prachi and you grabbed everything from Rhea.

Pragya sees Abhi and requests that he trust her. Aliya says you did it to render retribution for Kiara passing and that is the reason youre doing this to Abhi. Pragya says it’s sufficient Kiara is our little girl and I love all my little girls similarly. Aliya asks where is Prachi in this family get-together? You got her far from this issue. Pragya says dislike that and guarantees Abhi that nothing will happen to Rhea. Aliya finds out if Prachi knows the slightest bit about us? Also, she guarantees Abhi that she will spare Rhea. Abhi requests that they disregard him and sits in steps unfortunately.

Pragya gets call. Dadi asks Pragya to go to Prachi call. Pragya goes to call yet couldn’t hear voice than Dadi requests that her discussion in the external saying here signs are frail.

Rhea requests that police leave her however they days that she will go teehaar prison as per her case charger. Rhea cries severely. Prachi says to Saritha and Shahana that her mother needs her to wish Rhea in call. Shahana sats don’t call her. Prachi says I called her however she didn’t responded to me and next time she didn’t went to call as well. Shahana asks what Pragya advised her. Prachi gets some information about this issue.

Shahana says yes and illuminate to Aunty how Rhea overlooked you. Prachi calls Pragya and advises her that how Rhea disregarded her. Pragya in tears says now she can’t talk. Prachi inquires as to why she is crying. Pragya cuts call saying she will call later. Abhi comes to Pragya. Prachi illuminates to Saritha that how her Mom is stressed accessible if the need arises.

Pragya says to Abhi that no Mom can do this to her youngster. Abhi says I felt alone and I make him occupied with work to fail to remember this agony and I used to feel torment, I love my Dadi most and I gave that spot to you yet I never gave that spot to Rhea and I turned out to be large rockstar however neglect to turn out to be acceptable Dad and I saw Rhea staying in bed Garden than I understood I need to turn out to be acceptable Dad to Rhea not Rockstar that is the reason I became financial specialist to deal with Rhea yet now I’m again feeling I lost my life so please take that fir back in light of the fact that they are stating it’s on your name. Pragya guarantees him to get their Rhea back to home. Abhi leaves subsequent to cleaning his tears.

Mitali inquires as to why you did this Aliya? You’re harming Rhea to keep Pragya away from this house. Aliya sats she didn’t do anything and says Pragya is the person who stopped grumbling. Mitali says Pragya can never do this with Rhea and I feel you’re behind it. Aliya sats you’re correct I’m behind it.

Dadi says Pragya can’t do it. Raj says police are stating Pragya is the person who stopped grievance. Dadi says Pragya can never do it. Abhi asks where is Aliya. Raj says at higher up. Dadi says to Abhi that police are lying and Pragya can never do it. Abhi goes higher up.

Aliya acknowledges that she is the person who did everything since Rhea needs to create bond with Pragya and she needs Pragya when I love her so much that is the reason now she merits this discipline and I won’t let Pragya back to this house and I will acknowledge Rhea after at some point. Mitali acclaims Aliya plan and asks how she figures out how to document fir utilizing Pragya name.

Aliya uncovers how she utilized her cash and cause other woman to whine like Pragya who wears cover to conceal her character and now Police thinks Pragya held up the Fir and I breaked the obligation of Mom and Daughter, I sended Pragya away from our home and I felt glad if sibling and Pragya gets seperated everlastingly and this haziness won’t leave from Pragya daily routine and Prachi and Pragya can’t experience with Rhea like a cheerful family. Abhi hears last line.

Abhi says I questioned you before itself, you can do anything to seperate us however I will join my family.

Rhea reminds everything and cries saying Mom can’t do this to her however than she reminsces how Pragya slapped her and chided her for Prachi and Rhea breaksdown saying Mom cannot do it and reminsces Pragya guarantee that she never leave her. Rhea thinks if Ranbir knows I’m the person who attempted to kill on Dusshera day than by what means will he respond? Kindly don’t misconstrue me Ranbir in light of the fact that I’m not miscreant.