Pragya asking Abhi in the event that he is wedding Meera seeing the wedding card. Abhi says you needed me to wed Meera and I realize that you disdain me. Pragya says I thought… Abhi asks do you feel that dispatch fellow will come here. He says not many individuals’ desires work out as expected. Pragya expresses gratitude toward him and says she has never believed that he will come by and by to give this valuable blessing, call him Mr. Mehra. Abhi calls her Pragya Ji and requests that her come. She says she will come and move such a great amount until she swoons down. Abhi approaches her to move for his commitment. He leaves. Pragya figures how might he do this? Sarita behen hears them. Prachi comes to Abhi and inquires as to for what reason would you say you are doing this with Maa? She says she used to believe that you will come one day. Abhi says why I will come? He says I have looked through you and your mom all over and says in the event that your mom had looked through my name on the net, at that point she would have known every one of my addresses. He says he is getting hitched in view of Pragya, Rhea, and Prachi. He leaves.

He gets down and cries holding her pic and afterward tosses her pic and his wallet out and about. He again sits in the vehicle. Halla plays… .Pragya cries and tears the card, at that point consumes it. Abhi again returns and looks for his wallet out and about. He discovers it and leaves. Pragya tosses the remains and tosses the dustbin.

Prachi returns to Sarita behen and tells that Papa said that he is wedding Meera aunt due to Rhea and me. Sarita behen says Rhea is self-important, however when she discloses to you anything, you counterattacks on her verbally and don’t remain calm. Prachi says this can’t be the explanation. Sarita behen says on account of you both, they have taken this choice. Prachi figures she will converse with Maa and will take a quick trip and see her.

Aaliya asks Meera to provide orders and not to take orders. Meera says I love doing this. Aaliya thinks she requested that the bowl get the foundation. Abhi returns home and tells that he has welcomed Pragya for his commitment and marriage, and tells that the extraordinary visitor is Pragya. He requests Meera to take care from Pragya. Rhea inquires as to for what reason did you call her? Abhi says I would prefer not to end her expectations. Rhea doesn’t need Pragya to be there. Aaliya says this is the ideal response for Prachi, presently you can disclose to her that you have a mother now. Mitali says our work got simple at this point. Aaliya says truly I am stressed that they love fire will set up once more. She says Pragya will feel that Bhai consistently needed to wed Meera and she will cause her to trust her. Mitali asks until when you lie. Aaliya says until Pragya disappears from here. Mitali petitions God for Abhi and Meera’s marriage.

Prachi comes to Pragya and tells that you generally said that my Papa is the world’s best Papa and you regard him a ton. Pragya says now they are removed for a very long time. She says he used to shower a lot of affection in some cases and disdain some of the time. Dadi comes there and asks Pragya to stop Abhi. Pragya says let it occur. Dadi says it is Daljeet’s desire. Pragya says we can’t join together, this is our predetermination. She says she will go to his marriage joyfully and inquires as to whether she needs desserts. Dadi says desserts appear to be toxin for her. Pragya embraces her and cries.

Ranbir attempts to cause Pallavi to have food and prods her. He says I love you. Pallavi expresses gratitude toward him and rests. Aryan comes to Ranbir and asks where did you go? Ranbir says he had gone on a walk and neglected to let him know. He says when he sees Prachi in the store, he got calmed and sees such a great amount of affection in her eyes. He says she misses me and says when I disclose to her that I need to part ways with her, at that point she will be harmed and afterward I can’t bear it. He says outrage may go for once, however torment stays consistently. He says he can’t disclose to her the explanation being his mummy, so now he will make Prachi scorn him to such an extent that she makes two strides behind and detests him. Aryan asks do you realize what are you saying? Ranbir says he has chosen. Aryan says now you need Prachi to loathe you. Pallavi cries hearing their discussion and goes to the room. She reveals to Vikram that Ranbir loves her so much and that is the reason needs Prachi to despise him. Vikram says you can’t bear his torment, so disregard the condition and let him wed Prachi for his joy. Pallavi asks how might I let him go to Prachi. Vikram says he will be with you even in the wake of wedding Prachi. She says didn’t you get with Aaliya that Pragya had destroyed Abhi’s life since she came into his life and made everybody moved to her tune. Vikram requests that her reconsider. Pallavi says she has chosen. Ranbir will wed Rhea.

Rhea comes to Abhi and says buji has brought garments for everybody and requested that I give their garments to everybody. She goes. Abhi contemplates how to wed Meera before Pragya. He thinks he adores Pragya and Rhea and needs to do commitment with Meera.