The Episode begins with Pragya thinking how to return. All at once somebody comes there and slams into creator Mandira. Mandira inquires as to whether she came to pick her. Pragya says no, my mom is coming to take me. Mandira thinks they like such garments. Tanu requests that Mitali leave the pressure. Mitali asks who will deal with Abhi, you. They contend. Aaliya faults Tanu as Gayatri left. Tanu says she was bad. Mitali says we didn’t simply need a servant, however need somebody who can deal with Abhi. Mandira comes there and asks whose commitment is this? She tells that your Servant is remaining outside and tells that she will give her dress free. Tanu tells that she will demonstrate that Gayatri was not taking care of Abhi, however dress issue. She requests that Mitali take the stick and cut Abhi down. Aaliya asks what is going

on in your brain. Tanu requests that Mandy accompany her.

Prachi cries and discloses to Shahana that Ranbir was her first love and tells that when he made their connection at that point herextremely upset broke. She says why I was unable to bear it, realizing that he is connecting with to Rhea. She says I don’t have the foggiest idea why I was unable to bear to see this. Shahana says you had cherished him much and requests that she come clean. Prachi denies and asks Shahana not to tell. She says God is incredible, says he has control in his grasp, what I will do by keeping him in my heart, when he isn’t in my fate. Shahana says she will tell Maasi? Prachi asks her not to advise her and says she is now worried over Papa. She reviews her convcersation with Pragya that Abhi needs her and that is the reason she is going there as family help. Prachi says for what reason would you say you are doing this? Pragya says no one can distinguish me, when I am in shroud. She says Abhi needs a spouse and not a Servant. Prachi stresses. She advises that she needs to satisfy guarantee made to him after marriage. She recalls everything.

Tanu comes first floor wearing garments like Gayatri. She sends Mandy and inquires as to whether she is solid. Aaliya says great job. Tanu says Abhi will hear me out. Abhi comes ground floor and takes cover behind Tanu, believing her to be Gayatri. Tanu shows her face to Mitali. Mitali thinks she is tricking a frantic individual. Tanu reveals to Abhi that she will take her estimation. She takes his estimation and calls him Abhi. Abhi acknowledges she isn’t Gayatri and runs behind her holding the floor cleaning stick. Raj comes and takes it from his hand. He is going to beat him, when Abhi races to his room. Aaliya requests that Mitali call Gayatri.

The creator goes to Kohli’s home and meets Dadi and Pallavi. Ranbir comes there. Dadi asks what befallen your hand. Ranbir says slight hurt. Pallavi says your Dadi has look through architect reference for your commitment and requests that he pick. Dadi shows Ranbir. Ranbir says its alright, assuming you generally approve of the young lady and commitment, I have no complaint with dress. Dadi inquires as to whether he is connecting with for his mum’s satisfaction. Ranbir says Rhea is prepared, so he will get drawn in to her, presently everybody has somebody and even Prachi has Parth. Dadi looks on. Aaliya discloses to Tanu that she is concerned and contemplates whether Gayatri will return or not. Tanu asks what is the need to get back to her. Pragya returns with Mitali. Aaliya apologizes to her. Mitali says Gayatri has a condition. Pragya says she has issue with Mitali. Aaliya asks Mitali not to tune in to Gayatri. Pragya at that point requests that Tanu get back to her. Tanu declines. All of a sudden Abhi comes out and is going to slide on the railing. Pragya races to him and requests that he come to show her composition. Abhi requests that she reprimand them. Pragya says later. Read more…….