A similar woman is shown who had protected Pragya. An english person inquires as to whether her little girl has won the Australian money manager grant. The woman says not yet, yet I know my girl, she will win. She requests that Catherine switch on the screen and says she has shown up the entryway chime rings.

Kum kum bhagya 22 June 2021 Written Update

A person says grant work is as yet going on. The woman says I know my girl and knows the manner in which she rings the ringer. Pragya comes there wearing a cutting edge outfit and an honor in her grasp and grins.

Pragya tosses the cake on the floor and tells the woman that today isn’t her birthday. Dadi discloses to Abhi that she is living in the desire to meet Pragya once more. Abhi inquires as to for what reason do you talk about her consistently. Pragya takes a gander at Abhi’s pic and says glad birthday double-crossing fellow, see you soon.