In the last episode you saw if apple alia gets angry and starts breaking things kept in the room. Sahana misbehaves Prachi with Ranveer. Baljit explains to Riya and Pragya that they should live together now. Riya Pragya is very upset about the meeting. Meanwhile, you saw that Baljeet tells Abhi that Riya and Pragya were together. Prachi and Ranveer talk lovingly to each other. Then when Abhi goes to Tarais, he hugs Pragya and Riya.

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Kumkum Bhagya 21 November 2020 Full Episode

In the upcoming episode, you will be shown that Baljeet prays that Abhi and Pragya stay together for Mishra. Pragya tells Baljeet that it is all due to him that he has been reunited with his father and daughter. Meanwhile, when Ranveer talks to Prachi, he asks her to make him Mrs. Kohli. Abhi looks at the picture of her and Riya’s daughter and takes Prachi’s name with love. Riya gets angry and I see only Prachi everywhere.