In the last scene of Kumkum Bhagya, we perceived how Pallavi gets devastated when Ranbir goes out, and seeing this, Ranbir breaks his guarantee and races to his mom. Prachi goes to her home with her mom, at that point Sarita ji approaches the explanation behind Pragya’s issues and Prachi discloses to them nothing. Abhi calls for Pragya. Then, Riya goes out of frustration in the wake of hearing Aaliya and Aaliya attempts to stop her.

Pragya calls Prachi because of Pragya not having a call, at that point Prachi is stunned to see Abhi’s call and discloses to Sarita ji that this call is from Papa. Shahana discloses to him that he is calling you to intrigue. Ranbir and Vikram concede Pallavi to the emergency clinic. Abhi likewise attempts to stop Riya when Aliya’s voice is heard.

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Kumkum Bhagya 2 December 2020 Full Episode:

In the impending scene of Kumkum Bhagya, we will see that Riya asks Abhi on the off chance that he will give her what she needs. Without intuition, Abhi discloses to him that in the event that you ask, I will give my life for you. After hearing this from Abhi’s mouth, Riya requests that he wed Meera. Hearing this present, Abhi’s faculties fly away. Mithali is amazed at her discussion, while Aaliya gets upbeat.

Will Abhi need to wed Meera to acknowledge Riya?

Will Abhi decline to obey him?

What will happen when Aaliya’s fact comes before Riya?

Remain associated with us to know this!